Afghan just taking off. Any ideas how to get the lower buds to ripen with the top?

I love Indica. I bought these seeds from ILGM and now I have to expand my flower room. They have become so huge in only two months. It’s amazing what some advice, good lights, FF soil and GREAT SEEDS will do!. I have two 600 watt LED lights and a 250 watt CFL. All hanging above my flowers. Any ideas how to get the bottom buds to ripen? I have been cutting the top ones off so the bottom ones will ripen on my first plant that flowered. These others will be ripening soon and I would like to harvest the entire branch. It would be much appreciated.


You should install a scrog net. Nice looking grow!!!

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Maybe side lights or lst maybe. I just cut some of my lower buds to focus more energy to the tops. But they were light and airy and wouldn’t amount to anything.

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