Afghan hairs turning yellow at 29 days in Flower?

um is it normal for Afghan to start maturing early? i mean all along this pant from seed ( ILGM ) has been ruling the roost in frost production but i am a little concerned about the white hairs starting to turn ( very few but still) they are only barely half way thru flower- and not very big buds but when i checked on them this morning i at first was in a panic thinking it was hermie flowers AGAIN lol but upon closer investigation its the hairs starting already? is this ok and what could it be if not- no other strains have started doing this yet so i dunno- Whats up?
@ktreez420 @peachfuzz @Majiktoker and anyone else???

Did you check trichs? Hairs turn from multiple things too much air movement low humidity not enough nutrients it doesn’t mean your plants are close to finish. Buds continue to fatten even if hairs are turning colour


I agree with @Donaldj, it could be from low humidity and a number of other things @gpitel

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yes trichs are on schedule i just get nervous about the hairs turning already- plant is extremely healthy green and lush looking and super frosty but buds are still not even close to what i expect - Ill keep an eye on it - thanks :kissing_heart:

Likely you may be ending the first phase of flowering and entering the second this is where your buds will be filling out @gpitel because you mentioned they were 29 days thats roughly when,they will end the first phase and enter the second (bud production)


ok- wheeew! good to know - Thanks once again xo

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Yea I think the guys are right, and that your plants are just getting ready to pack on weight for you. I wouldn’t be worried!