Afghan feminized plants having issues

From a fellow grower: bought Afghan fem seeds from you folks.

Outdoor grow in suburbs of Detroit, MI (it’s been a hotter ish summer) I planted May 25, got flowering 4 weeks later, only had 2 plants of 3ft high, Sun leaves are all yellow and red like it’s fall colors

Grown in 5 gallon buckets with a mixture of 6 bags top soil, 2 bags peat moss, 1 bag organic potting mixture and half bag organic compost.

I planted the seeds in the buckets May 25, they came up as baby plants 4 days later. Watered 1 quart of water every other day. The plants grew great.

At week 4, plants began to flower, this surprised me. I wasn’t expecting them to flower until later in the summer. This is why I suspect I got autoflower seeds as a packing mistake. Shipper says they are afghan seeds.

Triclomes are milky white at 12 week mark.

I don’t know ph level, and no nutrients were added to soil mixture.

pictures please…did you use Miracle Grow Soil ?

I did not use Miracle Grow soil


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picturesphone pix 118

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Looks and sounds like you got an auto. I wouldn’t worry about the yellowing too much as close as you are you harvest. Looks like N deficiency, but she doesn’t need much N at this point anyway.

Anyone want to venture a guess what strain of autoflower this is?


Here are my guesses based on looks, Gold Leaf auto #1 guess, Amnesia Haze #2 guess, other possibilities include: ak47, bubblegum, and cheese (O the power of cheese)

Michael G

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