Afgany hash plant canuk

Almost there , one big flat ass afgany hash plant elite , canuk seeds 40 days flowering , lst only no topping .


:heart_eyes: that looks crazy good !!!

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Thanks , best plant I ever grew , tasty and very strong


You tried some. Wish I could try my blueberry but it’s no we’re near flower yet

Yes I did , very heady at 2 weeks before harvest

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Looks awesome! Do you have any pictures of your training process. It’s bad form to come on the boards, show off such an awesome display of lst, and not share the details so we can copy off you, HARD! Great job!

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Lol sorry no pics , deleted all but all you have to do is just bend every branch horizontal and keep there thru out grow , no science here lol. I will post pictures at harvest . Ps let veg for 3 months

@Docnraq tells it like it is. Beautiful plant. It is on my to grow list. What medium is it growing in?


Animal poop from farm mixed with good soil and sit for a year


Canuk seeds , veg 3 months in 4x4tent , a/c, 3/4 nutes MJ 10-30-20 , 2 400watt cob led lights at about 26” high , very lite defoliation

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Look like some good bud. Great job on the grow

If yours look like that how much longer you think I have

They look like you have about 3 weeks to go , need better picture , looks like calyxes are starting to swell

Thanks , I will enjoy lol

Wat strain is it

Gsc extreme auto 11weeks

Get yourself a gewlers loup and look at the tichomes there is plenty of threads in here about the colors of the trics and when to harvest

I did it will be here tomorrow I’m just more worried about when to start flushing the plants

Damn :raised_hands:
I’ve heard The Real Seed Company carries some good hash seeds