Afgan ladies are looking strong. 12” to close?


I’m a total rookie, but from what I’ve learned on here, those water droplets on the leaves are a no no.


Who does not ever mist their :baby:

Most of the time the light manufacture has a hight/distance recommendation per stage. If not i had mine about 18-20inches durning veg but that probably varries

No pro either but i have also read not to spray foilage unless treating something wrong with the plant. May be wrong tho. Personally my only concern would be burn damage from water on the leaves and lights being on/close up to them. Girls look pretty good tho :call_me_hand:


@Highgrow is correct, the water droplets when the lights are on are like magnifying glasses on your leaves. Your plants look big enough for soil moisture only now. But if you choose to mist them, do so right after lights-off…it will save them from getting burns.

And to help with your original question about light distance, if you can place your hand about 12" above your plant and it is too hot for your hand, then it is too much for them. My cool-temperature veg LED is almost half that distance for the first few weeks. But it is a lower power light. It would help to know what kind of light it is and who the manufacturer is, the watts, etc. But the plants look good (double check the one on the right though, that cupping of the leaf may indicate it is too hot).

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I have always mist when they are baby’s and have never seen that effect

Ive had a couple spots burned into my leaves from water droplets. On smaller plants they tend to perspire from leaves anyway. I now put them under a clear solo cup and check in the morning to already find droplets on them . I second the heat/hand test

I might use a spray bottle when they are that little but I only spray the dirt around the plant. No need to spray the leaves.

I don’t see any spots, but I do see some discoloration on a couple leaves on one plant.

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Using HLG light and 2 Walmarts

I forget what HLG I have but this is a pic of it.

I went with a Mars Hydro myself ,lol

I think your plants look pretty healthy. There is one leaf with some brown crunchy on it, keep an eye on the plant. I don’t typically get really bent out of shape until I see multiple leaves on a plant with issues. I just [pluck off the leaf and carry on. But then again, i am pretty hands off.

Ladies still getting mist every day and :heart:it

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