Afgan Autoflowering Qs

I used Afghan autoflower 100% indica (from ILGM)

1st use of 2’ x 4’ Vivosun tent, 2 Vivosun lights, Sohum soil in a 3 gal bucket, moisture / light / pH meter

Used an 18 / 6 cycle for the lights, at 100% setting

The first sprout came up on or about 8/7/22

Added 150 - 375 ml water about every other day, w additive to get the pH into the 5.5 - 7 range.

Looked good until about a week ago (10/12/22), when discolored leaves started to appear (see photo). Leaves seem to be drooping.

And no little clear beads have developed on the flowers.

Looking for any suggestions on how to correct this…

Some pictures of the plant and knowing what nutrients you’re using would help out resident plant doctors (of which I’m not one) help you out.


I sprouted mine a few days before you, send a pic, did you check your run off? I’m growing the same strain btw first grow i had some minor issues with high ppm runoff but it leveled out.


Right now I’m using the Afgan autoflowering strain in a Vivo 2 x 4 tent with 2 Vivo lights set at 100%.
Ventilation is through a 4" fan at 45 cfm.
Using Sohum soil.
I’m not getting any runoff; depending on the meter to tell me moisture and pH levels.
Adding water when the meter falls below 6 or so, and using the pH down shown in the photo to keep pH levels in the 5.5 - 7 level.

Having a problem with yellowing leaves, and clear bead formation.

Depending on the meter too heavily?
Too much or little water and / or pH down?


I’m no means one to give advice just going off what i did for my first grow, i had about 20% water run off steadily measuring over 1000ppm i am also using fabric pots and fox farm happy frog soil with a 2x2 tent ac infinity light same fan as you as well

Sorry to tell you this Growmie but those meters are super inaccurate… good for a house plant. Run off is critical to prevent root zone issues from the salts in synthetic fertilizers and testing the PH and PPMs in the run off wi let you know what each are in the root zone. Critical info to know and without it it’s a guessing game on how much to feed and if your PH is in range for nutrient absorption :love_you_gesture:


Im guessing by clear beads you mean trichomes? Can you get a couple of pictures that are close ups of buds?

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