Affects of direct sun to filted


with all the extreme heat we are having here ATM, and we are in for another week of 40plus Celsius,105 plus Fahrenheit, I decided to build a green house around my new grow site (veggie garden) , now what I need help with if anyone can is , what is the different ,affects on growing in a green house with filtered sun through the green mesh, to direct sun on them,will it change there grow rate , reason I ask this ,is to know where or not to put a zipper in the roof, for normal days not 105 plus days.

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Forgive me if im wrong but its more to shade them and keep them cool on hot days and warm on cold days


If possible, I will suggest a translucid mesh, no need for a roof zipper either way. The wind will act as a temperature control buffer and the mesh as a shader like @Majiktoker mention. I personnaly use a translucid mesh for my outdoor gardening of fruits and vegetables with no wrong effects on my crops, I see no obvious reasons for that will be different with cannabis plant, however, I never grow it outside, and I may be wrong on this ! :innocent::v:

Hoping that you’ll find this useful :innocent:


@latewood your opinion on this would be appreciated when you see this, thank you


Sail cloth is a good way to diffuse sunlight so its not as intense but still effective


its up very rough ATM , have the wood for frame coming Wednesday,


Mesh that dark will effect their grow rate quite a bit, from the looks of it, it won’t lent much sun through at all. Id say it will help bring on flowering sooner as the early and late light won’t filter through hardly at all. If you’re gonna use dark mesh like that id suggest only use it when temps go above 38ish, and make sure the air can still get in there easily.


@BondPacker ,it only looks dark due to the roof is hanging on the inside ,so doubled up ATM and the shadow makes it look darker,today I checked that side of it and lots of sun gets in their, with roof open or closed


Well if theres still plenty of sun getting in id imagine it’d be fine to use, but I still wouldn’t use it all the time, cannabis likes sunlight, not shaded light unless its the real hot days your talking about. But hey, give it a try if it works for you then it acts as a shader and a privacy screen, a win win situation


There will be a zipper in roof to open and allow full sun In.


IN a hot sunny climate; Greenhouse growers use 50-60% shade cloth. It cools the greenhouse down tremendously. Keep fruit from getting sun scald. Make sure you have excellent air flow through the entire area. Dormant, stagnant air will cause many issues if you don’t


Lots of air flow , on those percentage, I should put the zipper In , to allow direct sunlight in,in your option, @latewood ,happy for any advice.

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I run wire from side to side, over entire floor. I buy the shade cloth that teksupply sels that will not unravel. There are clips I use on the fabric that allow me to connect to the wires similar to a shower curtain, although horizontal. If I want; I can slide the shade cloth over to one side or another.

This could also be applied on top of the greenhouse with a little ingenuity, and made to slide from one side, over the top or on the other side. If you don’t mind shifting the cloth 2-3 times per day.

I will try and dig up one of my clips. I sell them also. lw :slight_smile:


interesting! let’s see what you got going…


That’s why I want the zipper so I can open the roof fully and was just going to make them up like the old pull string roll up blind’s, to take it across and hold In place while open . @latewood


Haha seems like you really like zippers bro but, that’s pretty smart, I think that would work pretty well for my grow site, what kind of mesh are you using ? @Coltfire


@Don_Pablo ,it just a medium grade greenhouse mesh,that got from local hardware store,


@BondPacker ,thought I would put up a couple of pics, to show the light that gets in there,

that’s with roof closed.


Not sure if there is much difference when it comes to the east to west of Oz…but in WA most plants will start to show by mid to late Feb. So as the bloke said up further, the shade of the cloth will most likely bring that on a little quicker…especially if the plants are new to the shade cloth.


@Simo78 these plants were only not under shade cloth for there first few weeks but In same spot.