Affects from calcium deficiency during flower?

In another post, it was determined that I most likey have a calcium deficiency caused by a low pH. My pH buffer solution had must have expired. Assuming I’ve fixed the problem, how should I expect this to affect my flowers?

It is an auto, and it’s in about day 25 of flower. It took me about a week to diagnose and fix the problem. I have a lot of spotty leaves now. I’ve read that you should remove bad leaves, but I’m worried that there are too many. Should I just remove the really bad ones? Will this have a noticable affect on my flowers?

Remove leaves after they are ~75% necrotic. It’s not unusual for a plant to direct energy towards flowers in an effort to reproduce. The plant neglecting sick leaves is common. Let them shrivel and die and as they do remove them.

In the mean time control temp and humidity so the plant will transpire normally for the growth phase you’re in. Over transpiration can pull too much nutrient rich moisture from the growth medium and under transpiration can pull too little nutrient rich moisture from the growth medium. Balancing temp and humidity as does water pH will go a long way to control nutrient over/under dose.


Thanks for the tips. My temp range is 75-80°F and my humidity is 50-60%RH. I’ll keep plugging away and hope I still get a good harvest.

It seemed to be getting better, but now it’s taken a turn for the worse. I watered with 1gal tap water with 1tsp Tiger Bloom and 2TBSP Big Bloom and pH=6.7 6 days ago. The plant improved and started growing again. Then I watered with 1 gal tap water with 3TBSP Big Boom pH=6.8 yesterday. It has gotten so much worse looking over the last 24 hours. Lots of spots on the leaves and leaves getting lighter colored. I leaves my trap water sitting out for at least 24hrs before using it In my past grows, my tap water has always provided adequate calcium and magnesium. I have only run into cal mag deficiencies while using RO water. I did try to turn my light up a bit 2 days ago. Could that be a problem?

@Mr_Wormwood any tips?

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It does not look like light to me
I’m not familiar with tiger bloom personally but to me it looks like deficiency and I can’t help but wonder if it is cal mag( I know it was never a problem before)
With those nutes though it could be anything even burn
@Hellraiser @Graysin

That’s one reason I am using the Jacks

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So Big Bloom doesn’t actually have much of anything in it. I’d keep using Tiger Bloom along with the Big Bloom and Wormy is right - CalMag wouldn’t hurt. If you have plain Unscented Epsom salts on hand or can grab some, I’d dissolve a 1/2 teaspoon in some warm water and then add that as a supplement to your next feed.

You might try using the nutrient feed schedule for the week you’re in. The one below is for soil but there’s another for hydro. Epsom salt will provide magnesium sulfate. If you want to provide calcium you could add gypsum or CaCl from a HomeBrew shop.

Thanks I’ll try that. I was afraid to add more in case it was nute burn.

Maybe I’m just underfeeding it all together. I’ve been conservative with my nutes in fear of nute burn. This is the largest plant I’ve gotten since I started growing, so I might just need to increase the nutes to be closer to this chart.

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Under feeding can be as big a problem as over feeding.

Do you have a TDS pen to measure your ppms? If not, I highly recommend grabbing a $5 one off Amazon. It will assuage your fears about over feeding. 800-1200ppms is pretty safe, even with Fox Farms.

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Is that scale assuming RO water?

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Nah that’s a scale assuming either RO or tap with ~150-200ppms. It’s pretty flexible to be honest.

Thanks my tap was around 400-450ppm last time I checked it with a borrowed meter.

Ah, so for you I’d aim 1000-1400ish. But definitely, invest the $5 in a tds meter. It’ll help make you less Gunshy about adding nutes. Try to water to runoff (I’m assuming you’re in dirt or coco) frequently with FF though since they’re awfully heavy in salts that just build up and cause ph problems over time.

Thanks, I’ll get one of those. Appreciate all the advice.

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