AF or just bad timing?

High Everyone,

So I have this girl, Berry White, that I planted early looking for a double harvest this year. (We get to do that here. Lol) The problem is I think I may have been too late.

As you can see, the the hairs are turning, but there is no swelling of the little nugs. (I forgot the proper name, calyx or something. )

I’m not used to seeing the hairs changing without that swelling.

Should I just say it was a fail, chop her and send her back to veg?

I also noticed her roots starting to come out the drain holes. Should I repot?

I have these two branches that would come back, but I’m losing valuable time if I’m gonna play axman.

Advice and opinions please!

5 Gal pot answers all you are root bound and plant will still fatten up but would require feeding

So you advise repot. What about chopping her? While I know what strain she is, I don’t know about the AF aspect.

Reading about not topping autos has me concerned.

if she’s an auto it will not revert
you can re pot but I would honestly just start on a 1L day feed routine since repotting is stress and plant is already in flower just try giving her daily light feedings 3 on 1 fresh ph’d no nutes then 3 on again etc stop feeding once Trichs start to brown pistils are poor indicator

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This is The Flav. As you can see, she was severely stressed after cutting her. I know she’ll come back, I’ve seen this too often to doubt it.

The branch I isolated is the one I plan on using as a main. Will probably use the other two as clones.

This is her sister. Planted at the same time, topped once, before I read about not topping them if they are autos.

Really wanting to chop Berry! Impulses sometimes hurt me so I’m trying to wait, but…

So even though daylight hours right now are good for veg, go ahead and feed her for flowering? The days are only getting longer and if I’m wrong about her being an auto…

Please don’t think I’m trying to dispute you. It’s just the way my mind works when facing a problem. I try to analyze everything.


It’s all good my friend it’s a valid question and concern :slight_smile: I mean that a true auto once it is triggered can flower under 24 hours light if she was triggered with over 13 hours of light she’s an auto. They in essence have a ticking clock in them and once they reach a certain age or are accidentally over stressed they go to flower they are cross bred from ruderallis a cold weather short season northern strain which evolved with a strong survival skill soon as it is mature enough it can start to flower. If you think about it this is a handy trait we have exploited it by adding the trait to nicer strains so we can grow and flower plants faster also so we can flower a plant in veg room while we are waiting for our other strains to be old enough to flip.
Reverting them to veg is not an option they treat any stress like an early winter and go to flower or die mode

That was my concern about the timing.

I usually start my girls early so I can sex them before the actual grow season. Daylight hours were still under 12 hrs, but I didn’t expect her to insist on remaining in flower.

Once sex had been determined in the past, I would top them and they would revert back to veg. Not the case this time.

I don’t know. I let one go one time to see what would happen and it seemed like the buds started to rot on the plant as she was trying to revert back to veg. I chopped her and she came back fine.

These are showing no sign of rot, but the one I chopped real hard seems to be going back into veg.

The dilemmas we face with our choices…

Thanks for helping to stimulate the brain cells.