AF not Flowering

New grower. Started one Northern Lights AF. It has grown to 3 ft, has been 9 weeks, and only starting to see some “little white hairs” but only here and there. Shouldn’t it be strongly flowering by now? Should I try 12/12 or let it go on as is? Thanks.

It’s right on time

Thank you. I thought that since it is supposed to finish in about 12 wks that only 3 wks left wouldn’t give it enough time to fatten up. I was getting anxious thinking I wasted those 2 mos of growing and would have to start again.

Just enjoy the autoflower ride

If you see white hairs you can subtract a couple of days from that date and then count 8 weeks to harvest

Thanks again. But why did it take 9 weeks from sprouting? I thought AFs only spent 30 days in veg?

You spent 14 days sprouting

I see, 2 wks as a seedling, then veg. You really put my mind at ease. Thanks.

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It has been nearly 3 weeks since I posted my question about the Auto not flowering. I am still seeing some white hairs in a few more locations but only a couple hairs in these locations. I expected to see an explosion of them by now. This is 12 weeks from sprout and its 4 ft tall, outgrowing the small box. Would it do any good at this point to put it into 12/12 schedule? This new grower is confused.

You can try a 18/6 or a 14/10 … if neither of those work I would jump to a 12/12… :wink:

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I grow them under 14/10-12/12 works out great the sleep they get really makes a difference

Thanks to you all. I will try 14/10 and see what happens.

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