Aesthetically pleasing strains that are also potent?

I would like to grow some strains that not only pack a potent punch, but also are colorful and dramatic after curing. I know that much of the original color is lost during curing, but I have seem strains that still look purple, blue and other beautiful colors even when cured. What suggestions can you guys make? Thanks in advance.

I know that there’s several strains that can color up. From what I’ve seen on forum a lot of the coloration develops by temperature control. Lower temperatures during flower will help bring out colors.


Purple bud is great. Nice big buds that were super colourful, great yield as well. Mine went to 5 foot then I supercropped them. Great smoke with really good reports from friends and family. Personal favourite of mine and I will be ordering more shortly.


I grew this a cpl grows ago with my temps 55-65 degrees the last 3 weeks of flower. Look for grand daddy purple, shaman or purple kush are my favs for purple.


@ggc1962, Thats purty, yummy.

When grew my GDP I was hoping for some purple. It looked like it was getting a slight tint of purple. Once cured didn’t have any. I’ve seen since then that to bring out the colors you need to drop Temps last few weeks of flower. Just the same as it would be outdoors during the last few weeks. :+1:

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Now that’s what I’m talking about! Absolutely beautiful. Is that grandaddy purple?

Getting temps into the 50s or low 60s indoors might get expensive living in the deep south as the average overnight temps are usually in the 70s outside. I wonder if an ice chest full of ice in my tent with a fan blowing slowly across it would help lower temps significantly. ggc1962, did you grow that purple beauty outside or inside?

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Grown inside

No. A friend gave me seeds and called it zion coptic church weed but who knows
Was good smoke tho

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Rainbow kush or Panama red

Dark devil is a beautiful bud.

Yes. Dark Devil looks the part. Apparently, it’s only available as an auto. I see no references to either fems or regulars.

Hmm, you are right, I think I’m still going to give it a shot next time I pick up some beans.

Growing outdoors in totes any advice on how you can do this? Like bring em in or… U got my attention, growing ph ilgm

You might look into Purple Paro Valley

Outdoor conditions might be different for you, but where I live it’s probably not a good idea to be moving cannabis plants back and forth between indoors and outdoors. My concern is that after having been indoors, the cool plant, suddenly being moved to warm humid air could cause condensation in and on the buds that might cause bud rot. There are probably plenty of strains that change color without the need for cooler temps.

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Gotcha. Where I’m at,. Temps late oct is still gonna be lower 70s mid nov it’ll start dropping on down 50ish I think next yr I’m gonna try a indoor grow I was very hesitant not knowing much about it, have a lil more control over things.