Aeroponics watering

From a fellow grower:

I’m going to grow using aeroponics. (Aero3 system) I ordered a kit with all the meters and fertilizers.
I’ve been reading up on hydro, as it’s the closest. And what I’m wondering of is - what should the watering cycles be? Should I water in cycles while the light’s are on, and rest while off? Or a mix?
I don’t want to kill my plants due to over/under watering.
I also ordered co2 tabs for my plants. Should these go in once in a while with the plants water, or should they dissolve in a bottle of water hanging from the roof of my tent? Going to have hoses connected for even distribution.

You only run your pumps when lights are on.

Co2 tablets. Follow the directions on the package. :slight_smile:

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