Aeroponics information please


I am preparing to try my hand at aeroponics. I have a 4 plant set up and i am wondering about spray times. What kind of timer do i need for water pump? How long do i spray? How long off? I understand times will vary but looking for a starting or base settings. Any info or tips would b great.

I will b making a few changes to my set up as i did not build it. I got it from my friend who built and decided to stick with soil in pots. I am changes water lines to black and more flexible. I also want to add a few more sprayers and just overall clean it up abit. Thanks for any info


@MAXHeadRoom … wondering if you can shed some light for are fellow cultivator… thanks my friend… :wink:



These are the timers I use.

To set on/off times start at 30 sec on and see how long it takes for the roots to dry out. Then set this as your off time. It takes a while to dial them in.


Thanks @MAXHeadRoom.


First upgrade to hydro system, i found some better MIST nozzles. I am replacing the SPRAY nozzles that were used.

From those

To these.

Adjustable mist nozzles that only need 15psi
I feel these will work much better than 360degree sprayers. It only had 12 sprayers but i got 20 misters to put in. More is better rite??


@MAXHeadRoom how low in tub do have your water manifold and sprayers in tub?

Mine were almst at top when i got it, i have resized it and dropped to 2 1/4-2 1/2 down in tub now. I feel it should b lower or ??


I had mine more toward the top. You want it spaying near the center of the root ball. Once you get it spraying, the you can adjust it more


I ended up dropping the manifold down more, before i read your reply. I was lookin around and alot of aero set up’s seen had sprayers about half way of the depth of tote used. So i figired why not make it fit low and i can raise it if need be, now i have more adjustabiliy i guess lol. I also went with 12 misters for now and can add more if i feel they are needed.

I also still need to put a drain set up back into rez from the research i have done. My buddy did not put one.
The closer i get to running this the more excited i am getting.


What kind of pump you are running


Knowing my friend, its prob the cheapest one he can find lol he said its suppose to be
100psi or more i think he said. But i am already planning on a better pump.

The nozzles I put in only require min 15psi