Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


@MAXHeadRoom them lights looks the great. Such a clean set up. :+1:t2:


Thank you guys for the support. Heres some more pic of the grow and the new room. Also I built another aeroponics system and moved the dirt grow to it. Using the Chinese lights for that grow.

Room is 9 x 6

4" inline fan still need to install the charcoal filter and pipe it out the basement window.

The new aero grow. plants don’t look so good but I’m sure they are in shock from being pulled out of dirt. Hope they can recover in a week or two

The light frame I built for the China lights.

The other grow is loving the new light and is growing really fast. Getting ready to go into flower so I need to plug up all the holes in the walls. Don’t want no Hemies on my first grow

Hope all is well with you guys
Happy growing

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looking good


Looking great. I’m currently setting up my first tent I got in the mail today, gotta get my two gold leaf in it n figure out how I’mma hang the lights. I’m still missing 2 fans 1 filter n the light hanging clip thingys. They’re coming tmrw xD!!!


so I am missing a few things from the tent, and my poor babies r gunna need a few weeks of veg to recover from where I had them. They are bent burnt and malnourished, but I’m still pretty excited :smiley:


@Donaldj @Majiktoker @Dumme I have a problem I would like you to help me with. Since I added my new light the plants in the aeroponics grow are drinking a lot of water and the PPM is falling about 200 points a day. For the last four days I have added water and nutes till the PPM is 1000. Then the next check it has dropped to 800. I there a trick to get the balance between water usage and nute consumption? (PH is good 5.8)

I had a good balance before I moved to the new light. Now the plant and roots are growing like crazy, which is not a bad thing, but I don’t want to under fertilize them.

Also I moved the 4 plants in my dirt grow to a aeroponics system and I’m not seeing the root development that I would like. Is there something I can add to stimulate root development.

Last but not least I am going into flower in a few days and is there anything I need to add in addition to my regular nutes that will enhance bud growth. What do you use?


Bump your overall ppm if it is dropping faster than they are drinking try 1200 1100 etc. it is a good sign it means they are happy since they are eating and not simply drinking.
The plants you moved will take time to adjust to new system going with a slightly higher PK may give you an improvement but right now they would be recovering from shock so a nice superthrive or B vite would make the change smoother


Supetrive and B vite are those brand names? Also I think previously you had mentioned Sillica for root growth will that work? I do have some of that MAP left over from the previous experiment which is high in P

Now the plants under the new light are ready to flower. Should I wait until the other plants recover to go into flower or should they recover in the 2 week transition stage


Correct one is a brand superthrive but basically any humic or fulvic acid based nutrient would help
and recovery is always important before flowering out


I think I finally got my PPM stabilized . Over the last 2 days I have been increasing the PPM and Last night it was 1450 and this morning 1450, so that was a big jump from the last point where it was stable at 680. The new light made a big difference in plant growth. I measured one of the biggest tap roots and it measured 5/8 in. WOW! They are showing some signs of Zinc deficiency on a few leaves(5) so I’m going to pick up something for that today to ward off any problems. The nutes I’m using has some in it but only 0.001% in A and 0.01% in B.

Is that a common problem for aeroponics systems?
Is there any danger in adding to much Zinc?
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I added Humic acid + pot ash, as you suggested, to the other aero grow. I am seeing new root growth on every plant. But the pot ash turned my water to a dark brown, which kinda freaks me out but I will let it go for a week and monitor progress. I think they have recovered enough to go into flower, I know the other plants where ready about a week ago but waited for these to recover as you suggested.

When starting 12/12 do you do anything special. I read where some people at the start go 48 hours of dark. Any tricks up your sleeve?

And again thanks for all your help and knowledge. Everything you have recommended has worked.


It is officially day 72. It’s been more work then I thought. I should be in flower by now, but since moving to the basement its been a lot of work. I finally plugged all of the holes that light was coming though and got the rest of the fan installed and piped out the window. Got my SCROG net put on my aero system and even took some clones. It may have been easier to have purchased a tent, but live and learn. I now have a completed bloom room. YEAH!!! So everything is ready now to flower, just need to plan on when I want the lights on and off.

So here are some pictures.
The new light is amazing and well worth the time and energy to research and build it. Grow is phenomenal under this light. White light RULES!

Thelma, the plant on the right, and the runt of all the seeds, is trying to hit the SCROG, but Louise is quite the light hog and the biggest of all the plants. I took all my clones from her. I took 13 clones and I’m hoping to get 6 to take for my next grow. Then I will have 6 monsters.

I set my clones next to my good light for now, but I will have to use one of my Chinese lights when I go to flower. I think they are humid enough since you can’t even see them, but that’s what they need for the first few days. Cloning wasn’t hard to do, I just hope I did it right.

So here is Laverne and Shirley with Lucy and LIL Bertha in the middle. The root systems are finally coming around and looking like aeroponic roots. I can see why aero does so much better than dirt with the roots being 3 to 4 times larger. I may wait another week for them to fully recover before going into flower. I haven’t decided yet. I’m just anxious to go into flower but I want to do the right thing for all the plants, not just one that is ready.

iPower 4" fan with filter ducted out the basement window. I can’t believe how quite the fan is. You can barely hear it running. The smell isn’t to bad right now and since I live alone I really don’t run it that much, but its there if I need it.

So that’s the latest. Hope everything is going well for everybody’s grow.
See ya on the flip side. The flip side of 12/12 that is LOL
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Looks good bro. Oh sure a tent would have been easier! But would it have been more funer? I think not! Bravo! @MAXHeadRoom


At my age everything is getting harder to do. Even a year ago that would have been nothing to do and now I’m running up and down the stairs all the time also


It’s a good thing. Better than sitting on your arse all day long! Unless you’re couch locked! @MAXHeadRoom


Nice set up max! Very well done, doesn’t look like it could have been fun hanging it all from the roof I gotta say. Flip 12/12 when your good and ready sir, I will say I wish o flipped a little earlier mind you as growth slows or slowed for me after begging for so long. When you flower they really do grow like buggary ")


Looking good buddy keep up the good work


@Majiktoker Thanks

Do you do anything special when you go into bloom like turn the lights out for 36 hours or any other trick


Not until getting ready for harvest, and every 2 weeps I usually decrease light cycle by 30-60 minutes (half hour to hour decrease every 2 weeks in a sence it mimics outside light and how it decreases)


@Majiktoker I have heard of that method. It does make sense to do it that way. Is there a minimum you want to stay above. If you decrease 1 hour every 2 weeks you could be down to only 8 hours of light after 8 weeks.


Well when you put it in perspective outdoor grows near the end of their season they get down to 9 1/2 hours of light so I wouldn’t go below 10 hours of light indoors