Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


@latewood Thanks for the reply. I ended up purchasing Quantum Boards offered by Horticultural Lighting Group. I purchased the QB304 board at $75 each .Board Level Efficacy with S6 Flux bin 2.61 µmol/J , 173Lm/W . Each board max out at 118w,with the driver I am using so with 4 I could have a 480w light. But I know that LEDs run better at about half wattage so I might running it at around 300-400w. I am running 2 boards in a series powered by a Mean Well HLG 240H-1050B driver which they recommended. This was a little cheaper than one big driver. So far I have $450 into this project. A little over budget. And I still need a frame and power plugs. The frame they use is a flat 1/8 inch thick aluminum plate which doubles as a heat sink. I could go that way but would add another $100 to the build or buy 4 pre drilled heat sinks at $8.75 each. As I type this I guess that is a no brainer . Then mount those to an aluminum angle frame which I have built before.

I have never wired one of these up before but they have pic on how to wire it so I hope everything works out. I will send you a pic when complete if I havent electrocuted myself LOL

I will be using the HLG 240H-c1050B driver but the wiring should be the same.

One more question. How do you determine your light spacing to optimize a blanket par coverage. That is par values that are near equal over the footprint area. Footprint area is 4 x 4.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the web site for more information on these boards


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Day 51 since sprout

LIL Bertha




The aeroponics grow is going so well I can’t take separate pictures anymore
Thelma and Louise

There roots

This is an example of LST and supercropping. The stem is laying horizontal on both Thelma and Louise. Louise is much bigger than Thelma but that just genetics.

Thelma’s Stem

Louise’s Stem

All are healthy and growing great. I’m going to wait till I get my light built till I go into flower. Anyway since I did the LST training Louise is 20" wide but only 7" high. I may have over done it. So I will have to wait till they grow up to my SCROG anyway.

I hope all is well with everyones grows

Happy Growing Everyone


Looks great @MAXHeadRoom Happy looking group! Great Job! :+1:


Thanks Bob!
Did you decide on a new PH meter yet?

This is the one I have and I love it. Self calibrating is one of the best features


that’s the same one I use temp and push button calibration make it easy to use


@Donaldj I bumped up my PPM as you suggested and this morning the aero plants where all perked up. I think they where hungry. Thanks again for helping


Looking great max! Keep it up!


Thanks @Tonyb . I want to go 12/12 so bad but I don’t think there ready yet. Hopefully in a couple of weeks


@MAXHeadRoom looking great. I put mine in to flower last night, or rather tonight is their first long sleep. They are going on 12/12 from tomorrow at 09:30.

I did take some final pics of their veg, but need to run the pics through my pc to strip the data (cough location) from them.

You know 2 weeks ago I had an issue with high 30s early 40s heat. Well the week gone, I’ve been struggling to get them over 19 degrees, night time was down to 12! My thermistors min/max shows. Though when the heat did finally go, the plants shot up even in the cold.

I changed my light set up to 2600k lights, and upped them from 5 to 7, and the few hours they was under that, the temperature went from 18 to 22, so tomorrow in the day they may see 25 degrees.

My three new seeds, turned out to be two, one didn’t break the surface (rip little guy), but the attic was to cold for them, so again I have a nursery in my office. With in an hour our having 26 degree over 16, they was looking all erect and fine.

My countries weather is mental.


I like it brother. And it;s professional looking! It’s in my cart! @MAXHeadRoom


@bob31 I know you will be happy with it.

@TheDuke Good luck on flowering. I’m going to wait a few more weeks
I here some people are having there off time during the day to help regulate the room temperature
So what is your total wattage of the seven lights
I can’t believe that you are starting you next grow already. I have thought about it but no plans yet, Still trying to get through this grow. More power to Ya


In a perfect world I’d let them grow another month, but as we are making oil, and buying it by the Oz at £200 a pop. I need results quick.

The second grow has to come now, as I don’t know how much these to plant will like yield if it’s less than 2oz (60gramms,) then I’ll still come up short before my next is at harvest.

So I’ve just got two more planted (12 days), and 5 more just dropped in water. The two 12 day old plants will also need to go into early flower, (time depends on the crop of the first two), as will 2 of the new batch.

But at this stage I will then have 3 that I grow out more, plus I’ll have some clones by then. I bottled it on the conning from the first plants.

So I hope the early flower makes more sense. I’m trying to get ahead of my self.

What would you expect a yield to be, even a weak one. I have literally no expectations. Will I get an Oz 2 3? Out of two plants. 3 would be good. It would nib me a bit of breathing room. Also need to insulate my grow tents. Or the space they are in.

It may be cheaper to grow it, but the set up isn’t that cheap. You have to grow a fair few Oz before it starts to pay off compared to buying bags

Ive decided once a month or 2, I’m gonna buy a new strain, and keep one mother alive.

Yes the bug has trully bite. Should really be able to Dial the wifes medicine in to her liking. I may take up smoking samples. It’s probably a tradition, but this guy has two puffs of a joint and goes bed within 15mins. :sleeping:

But I suppose I need to be able to sample the buds at each stage, of each strain.


Wattage is 190w for a 3x3 space. The veg lights was 150w.

Arm I have 6 x 2600 flower lights, and one of the 6500k In the centre, just cos I only had 6. I think that should be fine. Bit ill swap it out next week.


@TheDuke The reason I’m asking you your wattage is because that has a correlation on your yield. You are telling me the color temperature of your lights which doesn’t really help.
you should be able to get 2-3oz under fair conditions


I stated 190w. I was just adding in the rest to set the scene.

I read that 25-3500k was better for flower, and the higher 5-6000k better for veg. Maybe next time I stick with the one colour light. But the Internet said swapping them is better. And the Internet never lies.

At this point with my cold conditions, I reckon I’d be struggling more, given they give off little heat. All my lights In my home moved to LED about 4 years ago. Never had one fail yet (touch wood), and my bill dropped alot. I’m sure it’s about to jump back up.


My bill only went up $20 and that’s running 400 true watts. The new light will be around 500w so maybe $50 a month for both. Man when you add it up this is an expensive hobby

So even figuring on the low side at 0.5 grams per watt, you should get 3oz per plant


Here is a picture of my new grow room with my new Quantum Board light that I built. This is Thelma and Louise. Louise is on the right and is pushing out little Thelma. I don’t know how I did it but I matched a monster with the runt.
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Will have better pics later this week


I like the setup much nicer looking at plants in white light


Great set up I like what you have done with it so far. The plants look great


Looks great man!