Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


Yes I do have 4 lights 2-1200 1-1000, and one 600. So I got a meter to check the true wattage and I was amazed on how much they lied about there true watts.

The 1200w light is advertised as a 5w double chip so they doubled that wattage and said its a 10w chip where in reality its only a 5w chip with 2 diodes. So only a 600w light. Then they claim 180-220 true watts. In reality its only pulling 118w out the wall. The 1000w only 97w and the 600w only 76w. So only 400w with all 4 lights. These I will use for my dirt grow in a 4 x4 area which is 16 sqft times 35 = 560 so I’m actually short 160w for that grow. Then the aeroponics grow I have a 30" x 36" SCROG that I need to fill up so I need a 263w light minimum for that area.

Dont what to come this far and not have enough lights at the end


Wow… They really lied lol. Ya I guess you need to get a better light lol


one of the biggest reasons I have stayed away from LED’s next to my cold winters that is summer right now and 4c this morning 39f outside my shed’s only source of heat is lights though could likely install co2 generator for winter to add some heat


Holy cold Batman! Where do u live


in the cold lmao thats t shirt weather


:x idk about Tshirt weather


I bought 4 Quantum boards and Im going to make this light

Wish me luck


Wow that product is over £800! I found some samsung QB 3500k for £60 each, so a massive saving to be had.

A big good luck @MAXHeadRoom


I paid $75USD each for the Quantum boards(4 boards $300
plus LED driver will be about $65 to $70 each need 2 ($140) or one big one and power cord($10) and dimmer switch(5) and aluminum plate(?) to mount them on. Total cost should be around $500 but will have one of the most energy efficient lights on the market. 500 watts at half the money of what you saw in the video


Weekly pics

LIL Bertha






Very thick deep growth on all the plants. As you can see they are not very tall thats because I am LST traing them. The aeroponics grow is really pulling ahead now as I had hope it would.

Everyone Have A Great weekend

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Nice job brother. They’re all looking great! @MAXHeadRoom


They look beautiful keep up the good work

Have a great weekend


Love Lucy, just hugging that pot already saying give me more fooood, she will be a fat female dog (as I’m not sure if the word bitch is offensive to people)


@MAXHeadRoom you have overtaken me. They are looking great.


Thanks everyone for all your support. How about some comparison pics of your grow. @TheDuke


I have a Coupe I took this morning, but I’m out and before I upload a pic i need to strip out the data of the photo, giving my location.

Though I was out today and the weather turned to 29 degrees, so I got my eldest lad to check on the temps in the tent and they was 36 degrees at half one, so he had to open the tent, and leave the attic door open and the bedroom windows, to get some fresh air up there. He managed to keep them around 30 all day.

Good job i called home or they would of cooked come 3pm. We are set up for hot temps.

Tomorrow they need a water, so I’ll take some fresh ones and upload. They are looking good. I’ll need to add something for scale.


Love the names :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work.


here you go @MAXHeadRoom as you requested photos of the girls. id just watererd them, they was getting a bit droopy, and at 1pm today the tent was a cooking 38 degrees, with the door open and the attic door, i got them down to 33. best i could do. they are going to have to like it . you can see how dry they was as the humidity is down at 33. it will be around 60 tonight when i can zip the tent back up.

Britain, never frigging hot, until i need it not to be!


Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


Hey Max,

Our systems are powered by Cree or Citizen COB LED. you can do a search and look at the kits they have for sale. We do not add price to the kit. We build and charge you for custom building a frame to mount your lamps on.

Find the kit. Find the price of the frame that they sell, and knock off approx. 100 bucks from their price. I believe this will give you a close estimate of the cost of one of these Pro LED systems.

I am sorry though. 400 bucks won;t cover it. I think the smallest system was priced just below 600 bucks. Let me know if you have trouble finding the COB LED co.'s

Sorry everybody. my servers have been down since the 1st of June and I could not access email to review all the replies and goings on ion the forum. Everything is back up, and I am going through 5 pages of emails.

If you replied to a topic expecting my advice; It is forthcoming. Give me some time to catch up. Thanks for your patience. latewood :slight_smile: