Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


Depends on the strain Ive seen 3 at most from my autos hoping she will be a record Hogmaster Ive seen with 2.88 from an auto but not sure if he topped his.

Topping will definitely double yield if you get them early enough you can top without stressing her or them out

This one says low yield of 90 grams average so we will see she looks like shes going to produce more and still need to remove that screen that was from my last grow so dont pay attention to that lol


And 90 grams average is 6 grams over 3 oz’s


I see a SCROG net in your pic. Is that for the autos or just there from a previous grow


Previous grow haven’t ripped it down yet


Oh already anwered


They are looking good. How long from seed to harvest


She is has 5 weeks left to go until harvest including veg shes been around for right around 8 weeks I think maybe a little shorter. I have a thread where her entire grow has been logged


That doesn’t sound right at all I can tag you to the thread shes in @MAXHeadRoom lol I grow alot of different plants so age is a little hard to keep track of sometimes


@MAXHeadRoom i have always been told the same when it comes to auto’s which is why I’m choosing just to fim her when the time is right… and when do you think that would be @Majiktoker??
with the photo I’m just trying to see how long it takes them to recover from topping even though a lot of people say fimming them is better lol


@B345T @Majiktoker has a good grow going where he topped his auto. So I guess its not true what we have been hearing. Fimming is not that hard. just wait till you have 5 sets of leaves, then when the 6 set is half grown and the seventh set growth is seen then cut vertically around the top of the stem. When you have cut enough you will see the top of your plants stem and your good. Trim as necessary. Never cut horizontally. In one day I saw the new growth of the 4 new stems coming out. I used the little scissors that come on a swiss army knife. Worked perfect.


Topping takes 2-6 days to recover fully


[quote=“MAXHeadRoom, post:90, topic:11156”]
and the seventh set growth is seen then cut vertically around the top of the stem
[/quote]:confused: vertically?? man i sound like a noob i thought it was just a question of pinching the top growth off?

@Majiktoker is there a limit to how many times she coul be topped?? a photo that is… just trying to decide whether to stick to autos or switch to photo’s doing both at the same time really didn’t work out for me so props to you toker for having so many things on the go all at diff stages


You just have to be careful not to cut the top of your plant off. Im a newbie too. No guts no glory


Photos you can top as many times as you want


@Duke How have you been? Why dont you post a comparison pic for everyone


LST Traing started today. I bent over Louise, Laverne and Shirley today and duct taped them to the side of the pot. Its amazing how within one hour they are already bending themselves back to the light. They are already reshaping itself. WOW!!! What an amazing plant.Wish I had time lapse pictures of that.

Fimming was successful, 4 new growth spots on all that I fimmed. The same 3 plants as above.

I may have stabilized the PH in my aero system. Will post tonight after PM PH PPM checks.

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Nice! That’s a good sign your plants are healthy


They have been taking everything I’ve thrown at them so far. I heard that you can beat up this Gold Leaf strain pretty good and they will always bounce back.


Oh yea I put mine through hell and she survived and still looked great and my gold leaf out side has been going through lst topping, supercropping, and excessive heat. Such as 91 degrees


How did you sort the PH?