Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


I gotta agree with mclovebug, the growth is looking great, plants looking great, I wouldn’t worry quite yet about the pH swinging up, just keep correcting every am n pm n once they grow more n get in to there own im sure they will turn into a killer harvest. Also mclovebug do you grow outdoors at all? Made a question topic in the outdoor section of the forum, if you could give me you .2 on the subject I’d be very grateful xD


I wish… I so very much wish, cold climate, not in a secluded location, once I have some land to play with I’ll no doubt set something up but for now I can only tell you what I’ve read sorry B


Np bro. Wish me luck with these rainy ass summers I guess then n we can call it even :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking good man :+1:


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Thanks guys. Still a long way to go. I would like to thank everyone who has helped on this grow. There is so much more to learn at each stage of growth and Im sure I will need everyone expertise along the way.

So far this is a great hobby albeit very expensive. Still working on grow room in basement. Will post pics when available.


My pleasure buddy, cant wait to see later stages of growth


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Yesterday I Fimmed Laverne and Shirly These are 2 plants from a comparison dirt grow . Then to day I notice this.

They are on the tips of most the leaves on the first node below of where I Fimmed. So Im thinking its no big deal, just a little stress from the Fimming. What do you guys think???

Also I looked with a Magnifying glass and I think I saw 4 little new growth spots. They look like the very end of a toothpick. (Sorry no picture available) So I was wondering if you would be able to see new growth in one day or am I just seeing things lol


Jesus thats a good pic, so good I can’t tell if it’s like mine… can be nute burn, can be a insufficient amount of a certain nute


@McLovin777 They where fine the day before I fimmed and they dont seem to be getting any worse. I thought nute burns where more yellowish color.


Hmmm can be. No worries if it’s not getting worse. Would e heat stress?


I know on my practice grow that’s almost finished when I burnt them the very top would be yellow but then brown under it. With your super zoom maybe the yellow part just isn’t as pronounced? Or maybe the nute burn was so minut that it didn’t burn it to the point where it was yellow tips with brown underneath it? It was just so weak of a nute burn it just browned the tips a lil?


I dont think it was nute burn because I hadnt even gave them there firtst feeding yet. Soil runoff was only 200 PPM.
@McLovin777 As for heat stress, lights are at the same height for 2 weeks. Ambient temp was 72 the day it happened.


Hmm… I have brown tips on loads of upper leaves. Let me know of you figure out what it is… I broke the stem accidentally on the plants that have it but they seem healthy as


Might be phosphorus deficient my friend


what a difference a week makes they are coming along awesome @MAXHeadRoom
not even 4 weeks old and fimming them? is that the norm?? not questioning your methods as much as trying to figure out when to fim and top 1 each of my test subjects lol

That other issue could just be stressed related some B-52 or Rhizotonic might be advisable


@B345T Thanks for the compliment. They are doing awesome. I cant believe they are doing so well.

As for the Fimming , I ask around last week on when to top or fimm and everyone was saying when you have 4 to 5 sets of true leaves. So I asked when do the true leaves start and they said at the first set of leaves after the round starter leaf. So I had six sets of leaves so I thoight I would be OK. I did fimming because 4 new stems are better than 2 and if I screwed it up I could always top because the cut line for topping is below the fimm cutting line. So I fimmed on 6-1 and already I can see the 4 new areas of new growth that will turn into a new stem. I have fimmed Laverne on 6-1, Shirley on 6-2, and Louise on 6-3. The other 3 have enough sets of leaves but they are smaller in size so I was going to wait till they got bigger. This weeks is LST training. . Having so much fun with this project

Happy Growing


well your doing a great job with them all watching this thread closely because you have so much going on in 1 space between topping and fimming soil and hydro grows makes it super interesting…

I had wondered myself as that term 4-5 true leaves is used a lot but now i know :slight_smile:

Critical Kush Photo… this 1 i will be topping :slight_smile:

Bloody Skunk Auto this 1 I’m planning on fimming but being an auto am really not sure on timing for her :frowning:

they are both 18days old from seed :slight_smile: psstt don’t tell anyone but I’ve been feeding them base grow nutes for the past 8days :stuck_out_tongue:


I heard not to top autos because it stresses them out to much. But I know someone on this site is trying it as an experiment so you might want to search and see the results

I just feed my dirt grows for the first time on Friday and of course I have to add nutes to my aero system.

Looking Good. Nice and green and healthy


Lots of people here top autos im also one of these people, this is my ilgm lowryder auto shes been topped only once though and shes been tied back grown on 14/10 her whole life


@Majiktoker Does that double the yield for autos, and what are your yields for autos. I am hearing only 1 or 2 oz per plant on average