Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


@Majiktoker So my roots where getting long and all tangle together so this morning I untangled them and started training them in the chicken wire. Boy do they like that. Its like they are standing a attention now. Its so cool when you make a change and see such a positive reaction. So training your roots works!!!


Coming along nicely mate :slight_smile:


I figured it would work great if you have a lot of roots in a soil grow pruning roots very minorly help as well.

Im glad what worked for you buddy you taught me a new way to train roots as well so thank you my friend

Happy growings


Glad I could help. I dont remember how I came up with that idea. I do remember calculating that if I wrapped the root around the chicken wire 3 times that t would come out to 36"

When the roots fishbone they all seemed to stick together not allowing the water to penetrate to the center . So I gently pulled them apart and started to weave them into the chicken wire. They now get almost 100% water penetration and they really perked up from the change.

@Majiktoker Happy Growing


Keep up the great work man it’s coming out nicely


Thanks Working on my grow room tonight. I think I will need about 18 outlets WOW!!!


Lmao what’s that electricity bill going to look like


8 lights, 4 fans, water pump, air pump, 5 timers and a partridge in a pear tree lol. My bill actually went down last month.



Holy crap how


Since playing with these plants and being on this wesbite, I dont watch as much TV. I have a 65in that uses alot of juice.


I feel you are so set up for your first grow lol


Maybe this is my PH problem

PH drift
In order to reduce the amount of phosphoric acid needed, you need to reduce the pH rise so you do not need to keep lowering your feed pH. This is done by increasing the ammonium content of your feed. Ammonium nitrate solid is banned for sale except if you have a special security licence. It is available in liquid form, but this is at half strength and is relatively expensive.

There is an alternative. This is to add mono ammonium phosphate (MAP) to your mix to give the added amount of ammonium that you need. You are no doubt adding phosphorus in the form of mono potassium phosphate (MKP). In order to keep your phosphate level steady, as you add MAP you reduce the amount of MKP accordingly. Without more detail, I can’t give a definite recommendation for the relative proportions, however about half each MAP and MKP would be in the ballpark, to eliminate your upward pH drift.

Ammonium addition mechanism
How does increasing the ammonium content of the feed reduce upward pH drift?

Two forms of nitrogen (N) are used in hydroponic solutions – nitrate ions (NO3-) negatively charged ions (known as anions) and ammonium ions (NH4+) positively charged ions (known as cations). In soil growing, any ammonium ions present are locked onto the soil particles and converted (the process of ‘nitrification’) to nitrate ions before being taken up by the plants. Thus, in soil, the plant is basically not exposed to free ammonium ions. Contrasting with soil growing, in hydroponic solutions ammonium ions remain available and are taken up very quickly, much faster than nitrate ions.

Especially during the vegetative stage, plants are taking up high proportions of NO3- ions. In order to remain in electrical balance they will be exuding positively charged ions, which raise the pH. If NH4+ ions are introduced into the solution, they are rapidly taken up by the plants. Therefore, the plants compensate by exuding positively charged ions to maintain the electrical balance. These are hydrogen ions, H+, the ‘acid’ ion. Consequently, the pH of the root zone solution will fall.

Therefore, increasing the proportion of ammonium in the feed will result in a relative lowering of the pH of the root zone solution. Reducing the proportion of ammonium in the feed will result in a relative raising of the pH of the root zone solution. This applies to all systems whether recirculating or not. For example, the pH of a recirculating solution may be over 7 even though the feed solution pH has been pulled down to below 6. This is a situation where the use of phosphoric acid to lower the pH will lead to a severe imbalance of high P levels developing in the recirculating solution. Increasing the proportion of ammonium ions in the feed should allow feeding at about pH 6 and to maintain that level with time.

When doing calculations, remember to include the ammonium that comes as part of the calcium nitrate. Typically, about 8% on the nitrogen in calcium nitrate is in the ammonium form, and about 92% in the nitrate form.

Can someone smart explain what this means Add MAP???


Wow! I know that was some important information, now we just have to get a translation :sunglasses:


MAP is short for Mono Ammonium Phosphate, but I’m not convinced you’ve found your answer yet. I believe you have something in your system acting as a buffer, and raising your pH.

Here’s a video of the nitrification process of ammonia, to help better understand why the pH (potential Hydrogen) lowers.


So I watched the video’s. After watching the first video my brain blew up into a million pieces. :confounded: So after stuffing my brains back in my head I watched the 2nd video This time I only had a small oozing of brain matter dripping from my left ear.

So from the article I thought that adding MAP in a liquid form (50%) and reducing my nutes by 50% to achieve the desired PPM would solve my problem. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I am not going to do anything hasty becuasee my plants are doing well and I dont want to upset anything until I am sure about what I am doing .

I also heard that metal might be doing this as well. I will list the metal that I have in my system.
1-Brass T for pressure gauge
2-Pump Aqua Tech 8800
3-Brass misters,
4-Chichen wire (galvanized steel)
5-Clamps that hold the misters (coated steel?)

I am using distilled water and my nutes are Dutch Master Gold

Where do we go from here.???


Weekly Update at 24 days from srout

LIL Bertha and Lucy where the runts but coming along

Laverne and Shirley got fimmed today. We will see how that turns out

Thelma and Louise are the two in the aeroponics system. I added cal/mag to there diet and the seemed to like that. Going to wait on fimming these girls until I see how Laverne and Shirley come out.

The only problem that Im having is adjusting the PH twice a day. But I doing some testing now with MAP and will post results when available.

So far Im enjoying growing more and more each day.

Happy Growing Max
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When they’re seedlings or small plants I always noticed the pH drifted more. I can’t tell you why except that until they get a bit bigger get use to using pH down lol


Little babies always need more care dont they


I think so. Probably cuz they don’t have big root systems yet


That’s very good growth, whatever your doing is working maximilia