Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


After they are trimmed and dried they should weigh 1 to 3 grams each. Or more depending on how much those extra trichomes weigh :rofl: @M4ur


You will also be plenty good at those heights, just don’t get there all at once.


Can I steal that first image? It’s amazing and I want to stare it for a long time.


Free nutes from Nectar for the Gods

I got my sample pack of nutes this week. I will be using these for my outdoor grow this summer.
Cost $28 for shipping.


You don’t get me… How much they measure…


The biggest one is 6 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. When you SCROG you get many more buds, but you don’t get one big center cola


I know my friend :+1: I was using fimming for that kind of stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I ended up to 25-30 tops, 3-4 Inc long from my ak47 auto :laughing:91522d5adae3d10648e0245ee58f5e2132e457e5_1_690x388


Looking good :grinning:


ohh yea @MAXHeadRoom that is what it is all about there! i’ll catch you on the other forum soon!!! lol


Awesome! Starting the year off on the right foot. Congrats!


Thanks. After this grow I’m taking a month break, then I have 4 new strains to play with, Sour D, AK-47, Bubble Gum and Banna Kush

Happy New Year @AnneBonny


Those are gorgeous. Happy New Year.


You too @roost1


Happy New Year All.
I’m starting out this new year by helping others. So I have a friend who has many ailments, PTSD and night terrors, and restless leg syndrome to name a few. and I’m going to attempt to make Him a tincture.

A brief history, I originally made him some oil and mixed it with some VG. This worked for his Night Terrors and PTSD and also an added benefit of helping with his prostate and night time urination. but not his restless leg syndrome. He is a recovering alcoholic, as I am, and does not want to get high from the dosage and does not want the alcohol extraction method. So I will only be using trim to make it weak.

On my first and second try the oil seems to separate from the VG for some reason. So this time I’m just going to cook it in VG. I decarboxalated some trim for him but now I would like to know the ratio of product to amount of VG needed.

@Ragnar I believe you posted a recipe for this method but did not include Product to VG ratio’s. Could you help me out. I will be using the Crock Pot method



yea @MAXHeadRoom i’m a recovering alcholic…
been sober 8yrs
one day we will have to get in sync on the other channel…lol
i’m glad you can help a friend.


I’m on my 8th year sober.

When I started growing, one of my goals was to help others with there pain. Little did I know that it would help with so much more.

Not sure why but it doesn’t work for my cancer pain. But I will find out, later this month,if it is helping shrink my tumors. That would be exciting to hear.


yes it would!


That would be more than great news, keep me posted :+1:. Sorry to hear that


A feedback from your harvest? Quality/power?


I really don’t know if you want to know because I think i read that you are all out :frowning:

Anyway here is the dry weight of 8 plants. 2 where experimental foggers, 4 w/o SCROG, and 2 with SCROG.

Total of all plants (Buds) 635.53 grams or 22.70 oz or 1.42 lbs
Total of all plants (Usable Trim) 101 grams or 3.61 oz or 0.23 lbs

Grand Total 736.53 grams or 26.30 oz or 1.64 lbs

Most of this will be turned into oil to cure my cancer

My next grow is AK-47, Sour D, and Banana Kush

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