Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


a few more ambers will turn the couch lock into coma…lol
good stuff!


Looks delicious and ready for me!
Also I will not touch the buds to much… If you see in the last photo them are missing the round part of the trich


This is getting CRAZY now. This is what you miss out on by harvesting to early. I never knew they could get this long.
Still waiting on more amber. Day 61 of flower.

Thu Dec 28 11-16-11

Thu Dec 28 11-08-16

Thu Dec 28 10-45-20

Thu Dec 28 10-37-02

Thu Dec 28 10-39-10

Thu Dec 28 10-40-46

Enjoy :sunglasses:

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Can I come over in 4-5 weeks please?


Sure :grinning: You can help me make some hash. @Bogleg


Then I can come over sooner, and I can bring the bubble bags. :slight_smile:


Then I have a question for you.

Since these trichome are so big, how are they going to go through the upper bags?


Well that’s a good question - can trichomes be too big to get through the smaller micron bags? I don’t know the answer - I will have to google it and see if anyone has actually run into that problem. My gut feeling is that they will still work fine.


Early indication is I can’t find anything that would suggest trichomes can be too big for the bags. I hope you run into this problem so we can solve it when the time comes. Hehe.


I am going to dry shift the first round and then the remaining trichomes that didn’t fall off will be turned into hash pucks.

Sound like a good plan? :sunglasses:


You going to do ice water or dry ice? I did dry ice and it made some great hash - I can get it cheap and it’s not too far of a drive so that’s my method going forward. I used fresh frozen trim for my run.


I’m going to try the dry sift. You freeze the trim or buds and then break them up and rub them over a silkscreen. The hash will fall trough the screen and you collect it out the bottom.


Definitely amazing @MAXHeadRoom I’m with you on the harvesting too early.


Do you have a recent full plant photo?! Trichs look amazing my dude



I think you will proceed as normal with the bags. You may just see a difference in that which level is the most potent.


Sorry for the delayed reply @MattyBear
Here is a pic from today 12-31-17
I pick off the dead leafs, so they are pretty much stripped down to just the buds.

I let these go a week longer and the trichomes and buds really swelled in that one week.

Sun Dec 31 10-20-14

Sun Dec 31 10-01-29

Sun Dec 31 10-07-18

They are just starting to turn amber, so chop chop :scissors: tomorrow morning

Happy New year


Gorgeous! Any predictions on yield vs last grow? Happy new year to you as well my friend!


Beautiful :+1: How far are you running your lights from the canopy? I just stuck my ATF into the new tent and took the Scrog off. Gonna flip to flower tomorrow night!


Still have to dry these 2 plants and then I will post final weights

Anywhere from 6 to 12 inches above canopy at full blast. You can run these really close without fear of light burn. If you see your leafs sticking straight up then your to close.


How long that buds are, how big?