Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


I couldn’t have said it any better @Bogleg @MAXHeadRoom


If trichomes can be sexy, your girl would be a model! :+1:


Nice analogy :grinning:

Did you get that light put together or did I miss it. @MattyBear :flying_saucer::zap:


Not yet. Still waiting on everything to get here. The carbon filter and fan will be here today but the tent still has at least 3 days til it gets here. I’m gonna do it all at once and I’ll be sure to tag you bro!


That might end up being a 2 day process


Maybe, but once I start something it’s hard for me to stop until it’s done! Especially since I’m so pumped to start my second set up!


Day 56 of flower.

Yesterday i harvested 4 plants from my aeroponics grow. They just started showing some amber so i thought I would chop them early and this will be my morning smoke which should be light and energetic. The other 4 plants I will be flowering a bit longer till I see more amber.

So here is some trichome shots of the remaining plants.

Sat Dec 23 10-49-09

Sat Dec 23 10-50-07

Sat Dec 23 10-50-57

Sat Dec 23 10-51-56

Sat Dec 23 10-53-12

As you can imagine these are very sticky. I don’t think I have ever seen trichomes this long before.
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How do you flush an aeroponics system @Donaldj I have been reducing the PPM and just giving plain water in the res. PPM is around 300 but I would like to pull more nutes out of the plants before harvest


All out of likes @MAXHeadRoom but these are amazing.


OMG man… Amazing!
56 days of flowering stage you say? That it’s fast… Definitely aeroponic system can rush nature.


Average flowering time for Gold Leaf is 54-63 days according to the seed store. So its right in the ballpark.

Aeroponics is suppose to have a shorter flowering time, but this grow is dragging on and on.


Uhhh. My mistake, sorry.
You have quantum boards right?


Yes, I’m sure that helps too.


Now you know why I was so :smiling_imp: about your picture from the contest… I wanted to be perfectly… If I was you I throw a picture whit the trichomes :joy:!


Well the rule state that you can only have one photo of a bud. This is my first time entering so I didn’t want to do anything wrong. we will see what happens. Thanks again for the vote. @M4ur


Voting is open in the bud of the month contest. I could really use your votes. But only if you feel mine is the best.

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Thanks :sunglasses:


Day 60 of flower

I really didn’t think my trichomes could get any bigger but I was wrong!!! In the last 5 days I have really seen the buds swell and the trichome getting even longer. There is about 1% amber showing so I could go longer but I’m going to chop the 2 experimental foggers tomorrow morning. They will amber up even more while they are drying.

Here is the pictures.

Tue Dec 26 19-37-36

Tue Dec 26 19-20-26

Tue Dec 26 19-30-26

Tue Dec 26 19-18-13

Tue Dec 26 19-18-58

Also thanks for all the votes in the bud of the month contest.
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Awesome freakin pix! @MAXHeadRoom. Wish this was a Smellaphone​:sunglasses::heart::v:


That is absolutely insane, those are gonna be some seriously strong buds (caution while smoking)


Thanks. Is that a new word----Awesomeness. And thanks for your vote


I’m thinking these will be good candidates for bubble hash and thank you for your vote