Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


Thats a usb camera @MAXHeadRoom
What brand i want to puck one up for my laptop


It is similar to this one.

They go under different names but they are all the same. I think mine was under $15. May have gotten it off ebay, don’t remember


Thanks @MAXHeadRoom ill be checking them out tonight
I paid more than that fir mu pocket scope lol
Appreciate the link my friend


I would say perfection!


No problem I am here to help :grinning: @Countryboyjvd1971


Thanks @AnneBonny So I can count on your vote? This sounds like I’m campaigning. lol


Winner winner, chicken dinner! Has my vote!


Out of likes for 6 hours. We need xtra likes for Christmas.


You always seem to get me to laugh. Thanks again :rofl:


I have the same camera, she is WOW for 15$ directly from china. I don’t cut anything to check my buds, just :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:️.
Also… Your pictures don’t zoom much… You edit her?


I cropped one edge but thats all I did @M4ur


That is the problem… You need to put a clean picture, whitout any editing :wink:. Also you put the same picture in the contest :relieved:


I don’t think voting is open yet?


It’s not but him needs a one whitout any editing. Just what I will do if I want to win :joy:


How do you get good shots without taking cuts? Slight movements were screwing up my shots constantly.


They look so sticky, nice shot @MAXHeadRoom. I guess I should get a better microscope for shots like this… all out of likes as usual.


I put the camera on the bud and when something is shaking everything is shaking :camera::microscope::telescope:
I have some 500x pictures taken by this way on my thread


This picture is not edited in any way. It was taken with an iPhone and you have to reduce the size of the photo to fit in this format.

I did not enhance this photo in any way.


I don’t say that lol… I hope I don’t upset you, when you edit(resize or something else) a photo, that picture will not be the same, including the details when you zoom in. Hope this helps. It’s a great entry in the contest, believe me :drooling_face:


I’m just saying this picture was not enhance with computer software. Almost all photo editors have software to change the look of your photo.
If you read what you wrote it sounds like you where saying that picture shouldn’t be a legal entry into the contest. It’s all good :sunglasses:
Check this one out. Its the same picture enlarged and zoomed in.

You can see the trichomes better in this picture.

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