Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


I need to try Gold Leaf now lol. My quantum boards should be here today unless they get held up! Looking good man!


Perhaps the difference in trichs is at least partially related to being under qb’s for full grow. You wouldn’t think it would have much difference since they were flowered with qb last grow, but possibly a different state of the plants when entering flower stage.

Looking great either way, nice job!


Tag me in on your light build. Should be pretty easy with the kit.


Will do! Thanks man


Thanks, I hope the QB are the reason. The other difference was very low humidity. During winter in Michigan the house gets very dry because of the furnace running. My humidity during flower was 30 to 40% RH. So that might be a factor also.


Me too!!!


I know when I put my dehumidifier to work, the flowering went from 80% RH, down to 30%. I swear I saw them get fuzzier within a week. To me, this is enough evidence that very low humidity is a large factor in trichomes production. @MAXHeadRoom @dbrn32 @bob31


I had read that somewhere. I was trying to find it but couldn’t.

But I believe this is one of the factors in increased trichome development.


What you and @MAXHeadRoom are seeing makes sense. Plant adapting to its environment trying to be pollinated


That GL is some sticky stuff. Great pics @MAXHeadRoom

Mine is just about finished curing!


How long do you cure for? My first grow I cured for 2 months and just left them in the jars for storage. What a difference in smell!!! A very sweet pleasant aroma. But a little harsh.

The plan for this grow is as follows.

  1. Flush aero systems with plain water one week before harvest. This should draw out the remaining nutes and prevent the harsh taste. (Do I have to PH this water to 5.8?)
  2. Harvest before lights come on. This way all of the nutes should be in the roots.
  3. Trim and hang to dry. Last grow I wet trimmed all the buds and it seemed to work well. But I have read that allowing the plant to dry with the sugar leaves on turns your chlorophyll into sugars so I will try it that way. Anyway my house is so dry (30%RH) that I need more plant matter for them to dry slower.
  4. After the exterior of the bud is dry (crunchy to the touch) then finish trimming and put in jars for curing.
  5. Cure for at least one month opening jars twice a day and exchanging the air.
  6. Smoke and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

If there is anything I missed or an extra tip or two, I’m all ears


You are doing great, we should be getting tips from you. Great grow, fun to follow


Yeah no kidding @Tylan that was a great synopsis @MAXHeadRoom

I personally consider them cured after a month but I keep spot checking my jars for RH.

  1. Yes always pH to your grow medium. So 5.8 yes.

  2. Absolutely

  3. I almost always do a rough wet trim. Just the bigger leaves and the larger sugar leaves.

  4. I go by secondary stems being able to snap. I also do mine in paper bags to slow the drying down. My Rh is like 35 right now. In the bag is probably 75 Rh. But I open and close the bags.

  5. I store mine in jars with 62% boveda 2 ways to keep the Rh nailed.

  6. You forgot and repeat and repeat! Well done brother!


Thanks for the help . @bob31 I think I should buy the boveda packs. heard good things on those.


They really do work @MAXHeadRoom

Just in case you needed a link. I swear by these things. Every jar I have filled with bud has one and once I get them burped down to 60% solid I put those in and ievery time you open a jar they are at the perfect rh!

And the little inkbird hygrometers! I only have two but I rotate them around!


Day 50 of flower

Finally seeing some amber on the tric pic. So I will do a 2 day flush and Harvest.

The 2 foggers and the other aeroponics unit still need more time to finish, maybe a week or so.

Sat Dec 16 18-58-35

Sat Dec 16 19-02-03

Sat Dec 16 19-03-07

Sat Dec 16 18-57-18

I noticed that the trichome are a lot taller this grow. Very long and full. These are going to kick a$$

@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @bryan @peachfuzz @BIGE @middlecoast @Covertgrower @MattyBear @dbrn32 @Nug-bug


Good meds will not be long @MAXHeadRoom The GL is a great strain! I may go and celebrate your amber with some of my own GL!


My brownies finally kickin in :sunglasses::crazy_face:


I’m a big fan of brownie kick in!


This batch was pretty strong. I can only eat one half of a brownie. I used 1oz of top bud with one brownie mix. Decarboxalated the weed first.

Thats the dose per day that I do to treat my cancer.