Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


Day 33 of Flower
Thanks for reminding me that I haven’t posted pictures in awhile @dbrn32

@MattyBear If you are considering Quantum Boards I can tell you that I am very happy with the performance of these lights. These plants have been grown 100% under QB for this grow. My last grow, I only got to flower with them but yielded 13oz of premo bud out of 5 plants.

I still feel they are the best DIY light on the market considering price and performance.


Holy crap, dude. I want your light system for christmas


Where you naughty or nice this year? :evergreen_tree::rofl:


Room is looking great all the way around!

Do you feel you’re getting a little more growth out of this one having them under the qb from start?


lol @MAXHeadRoom i was naughty but in a nice way!
awesome buds by the way!
the quantum boards work for sure!


pretty sure I aint been good enough to get those sweet lights.


That’s great to hear! I’m hoping to snag the 260xw after Christmas and put it in a 3x3 tent. I’ll be watching your grow :+1:


Thanks @dbrn32 This grow I didn’t veg as long, so that made a difference. What I am noticing is more trichome development at an earlier stage. They are already caked with trichomes at 5 weeks

Mon Nov 27 16-48-16

Mon Nov 27 16-50-07

Mon Nov 27 16-51-16

Even the lower popcorn buds are full of trichomes. But the buds don’t seem to be as big. Still have 30 days to go so maybe they will fatten up for Christmas.

I also had some problems with some root rot and they may be still recovering from that being cleaned out.
@MattyBear @BIGE @bryan


Bringing the frost anyway, hard to be disappointed in that.


Someone bought that same light and they had an awesome grow. I can’t remember there call sign.
Maybe do a search?


@mcpd_refugee had a good grow with the 135W kit. Check it out


Thanks @MAXHeadRoom I’ll check it out!


love the trichome forest @MAXHeadRoom


I was trying to remember that too, specifically because he had the smaller setup. Glad at least you did!



Looks like its going to be a Christmas harvest. :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::rofl: or real close to that time.

The buds are starting to swell now. Everything seemed like it stopped growing for about a week, then it ramps up again. Adding my bloom nutes so that should help.

Here are some shots of the trichomes. This was a lower popcorn bud from the fogger grow. As you can see most are still clear with some cloudy ones too. So still have a ways to go

Wed Dec 06 09-41-22

Wed Dec 06 09-53-33

@Donaldj @ktreez420 @peachfuzz @BIGE @BlackShirt @TheDuke @MattyBear @dbrn32 @bryan @AnneBonny

And the real big news is I ordered some more seeds. I bought the patriot mix pack which includes AK-47, Sour Diesel, and Bubble Gum. I also bought Banana Kush because of the high THC level of up to 27%. I’m sure I will acquire more friends when that is harvested.


Looking good bro!


Woo Hoo! Merry Christmas to you. I’m hoping to harvest around then too.


To bad we will have to wait another month after that for the dry/cure process. :disappointed:
But I’m sure I will have a little taste before then. :rofl:


Day 47 of Flower

Roberts signature strain is finally showing its colors. This Gold Leaf strain is in its final weeks of flower and the leaves are turning the gold color that I believe the strain was named after.

The amazing thing about this grow is the amount of trichome coverage on the whole grow. The trichomes are much thicker and taller then last grow. Still have a lot of white pistils and I have yet to see any amber tric’s. So another week or two to go but getting close.

Thu Dec 14 09-36-28

Thu Dec 14 09-39-01

Thu Dec 14 09-45-03

These where grown 100% under the Quantum Board lights that I built.

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Looking great @MAXHeadRoom
Mine arr getting color as well woohoo :raised_hands: