Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


So Thelma and Louise have been in the aero system for a week now so here is their progress.

Louise roots went from 1/4 inch long to 2.5 inch. They are milky white and starting to fishbone. She grew 1 and a half sets of leaves with a 2 inch spread. Node spacing is very tight.

Thelma is a little smaller but still doing well. Her roots went from 1/4 inch long to 1 and 3/4 inch. They are milky white but not fishboning yet. She grew 1 set of new leaves with a spread of 1 inch. Node spacing is very tight.

System Changes - 8 misters was just to much water spraying on the roots. They were always wet. Some of it was the wick effect with the rockwool. So I plugged 4 misters This will deliver enough water to the small roots. Timer set for 5 seconds on 13 minutes off. They are still a little wet after off time.

I also change the water today. This system only takes a little over one gallon of water. PHed to 5.5 and increased PPM to 500.
I also moved the light closer.

Problems - The only problem I’m experiencing is the PH keeps rising every 12 hours. I tryed a few suggestions from the forum but unfortunately nothing worked. So I guess I will have to adjust every 12 hours. No summer vacation for me. Im babysitting lol

Im really impressed on how much these plants have grown in one week. I have a comparison dirt grow going and the aero plants are already double the size.

I will have pictures on Wednesday when my son comes up with his iphone.

Happy Growing
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Aye, Mr 300bucks for his own awesome D I Y airoponics set up :smiley: why not invest 100 bucks into an automatic ph adjuster? I’ve got a 10 bucket recirculsting DWC which doesn’t currently recirculate. I can promise you changing the ph of 10 buckets every day gets old real fast… if I could get the bastard to go round and round I’d 100% have an automatic ph adjuster ")


@MAXHeadRoom I’m loving what your doing, the geek I’m me loves anything home made.

Also I’m going to be watching hung closely, as as you know we planted within a day or so of each other so it’s going to be a fun comparison.

The soil grow your doing, is it the same seeds? I’m really interested on seeing both grow.

I’m currently on day 12. Given its my first grow, I’m interested in all aspects atm. Good luck. Also growing for the same reason as you for my wife :slightly_frowning_face:


For this system size I think I will just do it manually for now. It only takes a few minutes. I have to look at them and talk to them anyway and change out the ice packs I use to keep the root chamber temp low. I have a Michigan MJ card so I’m allowed 12 plants so after this grow, if every thing goes well, I will get a PH adjuster. But with this hobby my wallet always seems to be empty at the end of the month lol. Why doesnt your system work, recirculate. Do you have to adjust 10 buckets each day?

My strain is Gold Leaf . I think it is the same as yours. I know we are on the same day or within one day. The soil grow is also Gold Leaf. Aero is twice as big already. Sorry to hear about you wife. They are doing some amazing things with treatment nowadays so tell her to hang tough and I will Pray for her. I go to University of Michigan Cancer Center. They are one of the top Cancer Centers in the USA. They have kept me alive for over 8 years. Best Wishes and as always Happy Growwing


@MAXHeadRoom I went for Afghan, it had high THC and was on sale, pretty much like yourself.

The wife has been ill about 4 years now, but stable now, (touch wood), I’ve been making oil for a few months now , but at £200 an Oz, it’s a dear do, but helps her alot. Also I’ve found it helps alot with my sleeping. For years I’ve struggled to sleep over 4 hours a night. Now I can do 8, and feel so much better for it.
My goes wife Christies Hospital in Manchester, it’s one of the better ones in the uk. Though to be fair, the crap medicine they pump in you, seems to be worse than the the illness.

I hope your feeling better, and can’t wait to see the progression.


For a first time grower you’re really doing well! Glad you know what you’re doing cause sometimes I get lost… can’t wait to see your pics for one week old, keep me posted. This makes me feel so good!


Indeed I do… not 100% really. I’d have to have the water at a half inch above the net pot (haven’t tried it yet) so the drip system would flow water through it from the head bucket, but appsrently that can mess your root up and give you root rot.


Danm it @McLovin777… I Really Need To SHOOT You Some info…
Your set up is good… it just needs some tweaking… I need to shoot you some pics for your set up…
Make things easier on you… and your girls… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Do it my man… it’s painful having to do it twice a day (As once isn’t enough)


@peachfuzz @McLovin777 Could someone, anyone help this poor man out. I dont know much about RDWC but I will help if I can. So you have a DWC without the R is that right.


Here’s your fix @McLovin777 for your set up…
Hope you don’t mind @MAXHeadRoom… I figured maybe both of you wanted to see this…
@MAXHeadRoom the moderators can move this info somewhere else if you would like…

This is what you will need to add to your system. … about $14 us… some 1/2 inch( funny pipe ) is just what we call it… iragiation pipe… 1/4 spugati lines to tee off with… and a pump… you already have the pump though… :wink:
Here’s a ruff pic of how it should be installed… mind you that this is just a demonstration , all lines aren’t hooked up , but you should get the just of it… :wink:

Your going to re run a 1/2 inch line off of your pump in stead of Running it through your existing lines… you will run the line up and out of your main res and t off to each bucket with a 1/4 inch line to top feed the buckets… very important that you don’t run water over the roots… you just want to cycle the water and nutrients through the buckets… :wink:
Here’s a couple bonuses also… your mane res can be used as a chiller and also a set up for an additional res of 5 gallons while your away… :wink:

I would probably run that pump 1 hour every 3 hours and see how that goes… the only res that you will have to check is the white one… :wink:

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Im so in loveee with your peachy ass man. Legendary… I need s pump that connects to the bloody bubble end! Mine can do that and I didn’t put the pipe onto the pump… it all makes sense now…! So much appreciation for you peach NO MORE 10 BUCKETS A DAY FOR THIS GUY!


@McLovin777 @peachfuzz
I dont mind at all.Glad to see someone improve there system and I can learn also.


I’ve had a working system for 2 minths max, my GENUIS mind just didn’t connect the pump to the damn pipe! Can’t wait to see it up once my inlay goes home lol


Here’s the rdwc system with built in chiller and extra 5 gallon res with a max of 22 gallon nutrient capacity that I’m running for my flower units… I have 6 units in flower room…
Just thought I would share @MAXHeadRoom @McLovin777 :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Damn that looks like a lot of work… oh hind sight you sweet evil mistress you. If I get mine to recirculste that should bring temps down alone if think? And 12 bottles in the res? Should send uber freezing water round and round… he hopes


Week 2

Louise is the biggest plant. Shes very stocky but feels strong. Robust. Her roots are milky white and there is a lot of fishboning. One of her leaves got burned this week when I had my light to close and the UV LED was right over the top of her. I now know my light limit. So I did learn something… She will be fine.

Thelma’s doing good too. She had some yellowing in 2 of her bottom leaves. I had added cal/mag this week so my nutes may have been to hot PPM was 590. So I change the water, use one gallon of distilled water and toned down the nutes to 350 with the cal/mag. Also change my nutes to Dutch Masters Gold. So we will see what happens

Pictures of the comparison dirt grow

Introducing Lavern and Shirley

Not sure why its flipping my pictures???
Tag alongs that have hung in there and might make it.

Introducting Lucy an lil Bertha

I’m also in the process of building a grow room in my basement. But having fun building things, I hope everyone had a good week.

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Looking good buddy, I think the flipped pictures are a site issue we are currently looking into that


How big are the images you are uploading? ILGM has a limit of 2 MB per
image. This may be why your image is 90 degrees off.


@latewood I crop them as suggested but I may have not got those 2 small enough. They where taken from my sons iPhone 7 So they where probably pretty big. But all the other pictures where taken from that phone too. Who knows I heard other people having problems too with pic flipping