Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


Thanks man. Also thank you for all your help during this grow. I learned a lot. :smiley: Even with all the problems I’ve had I’m going to say it was a successful first grow
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Absolutely @MAXHeadRoom my pleasure buddy the first grow is usually the learning experience


I harvested Thelma and Louise the last 2 days.

Wet weight for Thelma was 297 grams of bud with 66.78 grams of trim.
She was the runt the whole grow.
Wet weight for Louise was 968.77 grams of bud with 201.45 grams trim.
She was the monster and I have 12 clones of here for the next grow.
The black cardboard there on is 2’ x 2’

This picture is just Louise

Thanks for everyones help along the way.

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Hey, The Duke, Did I win the competition??? Go USA Go USA


That’s an a$$ load of bud😎 great job!!!


awesome stuff there @MAXHeadRoom!!! @Nug-bug is right

were those clones monster cropped? lol


@BIGE These where from seed but were flowered under the Quantum Board light. I hope people see this and realize how important good lights can be. Also see @ntmaremach buds His where grown 100% under a Quantum board light. Massive buds :deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree:


yes sir a blind man can see what ya’ll have going on…lol i was just mentioning to @dbrn32 about getting a board or two for my 2by2 cab…lol
i believe!


LOL! I’m a believer too.:rofl:


i would bet it would double or triple my yield…i’m not having any problems as far as growing is concerned…MORE POWER!


Whattttt whayyy whattt! Over 1kg! Congrats bro, may have to try airoponics myself


Aren’t you close to harvest @McLovin777 :scissors::scissors::scissors::scissors::scissors::scissors::scissors::scissors::rofl:


Check out my pics and judge for yourself! XD the hoc haze is going to have all the lights just for her for a week ir two


@MAXHeadRoom Those look great! Let me know when a road trip to Hastings fits on your calendar!


I have a couple more weeks of curing but a nice drive when the leaves are changing wouldn’t be to far off


You tell me when and where!


Hey @MAXHeadRoom … haven’t heard from ya in a bit. You doing alright??


yea,i’ve been wandering his whereabouts also @BlackShirt
@MAXHeadRoom check in friend!


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Sorry guys. My exwife and the mother of my son is dying from cirrhosis of the liver. We where both big drinkers but I quit 7 years ago. I have been taking care of my son and 2 households for the last 2 weeks. So between that and driving from Battle Creek to Kalamazoo every other day to visit her, I haven’t posted to much.

On a brighter note the second grow with the Gold Leaf clones is doing very well. The 6 plants in the aeroponics systems are doing very well and the 2 in the fogger are doing just OK. I think the fogger is great for starting clones and seedlings but just doesn’t cut it for veg. I’m going to let it run it’s course into flower and see what happens but not expecting big yields.

I will try to check in more often. Thanks for caring that means a lot right now. Keep my exwife in your prayers.


Definitely @MAXHeadRoom You and your son as well.


Thank you @AnneBonny