Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


4 weeks done this is 5th week


After 6 weeks of light flip if any nanners pop up they shouldn’t give you to much grief even if you don’t pluck a couple… :wink:
That’s why I was asking… :wink:

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Well thats good news. Being my first grow, I am being very cautious of whats going on and learning what to expect for the next grow. Its like having your first kid, everything is new

Thanks for you input


Day 42 of Flower

So heres an update on the grow. I had to deal with fungal gnats this week. I had root rot on the back side of my first aero system that I didn’t see. I cleaned it all out and sprayed and treated with H2O2 and that seemed to fix that problem. I also noticed that my plants are foxtailing and that there is a good and bad type of foxtailing. It is still debatable which type I have. One type is genetic and the other is from the lights. I did move the lights higher just in case, but since it is on both grows and on the lower flowers that points more towards genetics. Besides that everything is going good, we are in the final stretch of flower and they are packing on weigh and the trichromes are getting frosty.

Thelma and Louise. Louise has over 50 bud spots and Thelma about 20

Laverne and Shirley and Lucy. LIL B got pulled because I thought she Hermied. So was OK so she got turned into Oil. They have a new light too. These where under 3 China lights and I did notice better trichrome development under them but plant size was lacking. So I built a new light with 2 Quantum Boards and a China red and blue light in the middle. So hopefully this will be the best of both worlds.

Some trichrome pictures. They are really packing on the weight now.

Mon Sep 04 12-38-46

Mon Sep 04 12-42-20

Mon Sep 04 12-37-07

Mon Sep 04 12-39-34

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awesome stuff there @MAXHeadRoom…i’m going to get a QB for my small cabinet 2by2 next…lol
also entertaining the thought of hybrid lighting like yours…mixing cree’s with my meizhi 1200w lights…
nice set up,looks tight!


Thanks, You will only need one Quantum board for that small of space. Aren’t you the one whos putting there grow room in a shed?


What do you think might have caused your root rot… ?
Your girls look like there right on the edge of having too much nutrients… :wink:
What do you think?

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I’m not sure what caused the root rot, maybe the fungus gnats??? I did give them to much nutes about two weeks ago and they have recovered but the appearance never goes away. I am keeping my PPM around 500 now


Those trichome pics are insane!


I know and they still have 2 - 3 weeks left. I wonder what they will look like then :smiley:


I’m going to go with “gorgeous”


Wow! @MAXHeadRoom B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!


Not to shabby for my first grow :rofl:


I took some pictures of my trichomes today and it looks like Thelma is ready. Louise is getting there but maybe by the end of the week I will look again.

Both are 50 days into flower

What is your opinion???

This is Thelma

Tue Sep 12 10-50-11

Tue Sep 12 10-50-57

This is Louise

Tue Sep 12 10-49-25

Tue Sep 12 10-48-30

Thank you in advance for your opinion

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I dont think pictures attached brother


I can see them on my computer???
@Majiktoker You can’t see them?


Had to turn my phone off and back on to get them to start loading at first it only popped up as a list


Thelma looks ready and Louise looks likes she’s still got Atleast another week or 2


Thanks, That is what I thought too but wanted to be sure.

Can you give me your opinion of this picture.

Back Story - I had some root rot and I cleaned it all out but may have got to aggressive with the root cleaning and removed to much. Also I’m in the process of flushing the nutes out. All the leaves are turning yellow. I removed some of them and I know this is normal but they turned yellow within 3 days. I plan on just continuing the flush and harvesting when I start to see amber.

What do you think? This is Louise



My opinion shes got about a week of life left from what she is showing otherwise your doing great and id stick worth your plan :slight_smile: