Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


What is your scope @MAXHeadRoom the results are good. :+1:


@bob31 These are the plants under the Quantum Board light that I made. Also they have been in an aeroponics system there whole life too. The aero system boast a shorter flower time and the light really adds on bud weight and trichrome development. Seems to be a good combination.

@TheDuke I bought this microscope off ebay. It was only $13. Just a no name chinese knock off, but works great


hot dog no nanners!!!


Those are looking fantastic! Can’t wait to try some :stuck_out_tongue:


You said you had Hermies on your last grow. Did you get a picture of what they look like and do they have trichromes on them?


A hermie plant will produced trichomes, but fewer than a female plant due to much of the plant’s energy going into seed production once the female parts have been pollinated.

I found some pics that may prove useful. I can try to explain what I was seeing.

This first pic may be simply a male that I cullled, but you can clearly see the pollen sacs. These are different than calyxes as they are hanging from their own “stems” as opposed to growing directly in the junction between the main stalk and a leaf. (Please feel free to correct me if this is in any way inaccurate…)

The next two are the same picture with different levels of zoom on the male parts. This is definitely a hermie as you can see the female pistils as well as the rogue pollen sac.

Hope this helps!


That was helpful, especially the part where the sac has a stem. There seems to be 2 types of hermie. One as you have shown here and another where there are banana looking pods in the bud. So I was asking if the banana pods had trichromes on it. This way I can tell if its just new growth with a lighter color or a nanner pod. I did look at past post last night and it doesn’t look like the pods have trichromes on them

Thanks for your help @BlackShirt


No the bananas usually dont get trichomes on them they stand out and aren’t hard to miss


From the pic I saw last night it doesn’t seem like you could miss the top nanners, but the ones on the bottom would be very difficult for me to find. I can see where they are at but sometimes its hard to see if it has a hair growing out of it or not.
I’m old and vision isn’t as good as it use to be.

Thanks young’en


My pleasure, and i agree 100% the bottom ones are some times harder to spot as apposed to the ones in the middle or top of the plants


Paranoia setting in.

So I was checking my buds looking for nanners and I thought I saw some so I put a bud under my microscope and this is what I saw. You can see the lighter colored areas, but there full of trichromes so no nanners just paranoia.

Wed Aug 30 20-53-39

Wed Aug 30 20-56-25

Wed Aug 30 20-57-43

Wed Aug 30 21-06-45

Wed Aug 30 21-09-17

I just need to relax and be patient. I am way to anxious. But these where some nice pics so I had to post them

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Yes they were and i agree doesnt look like a banana it looks more like a leaf thats lived its cycle lol


Is That average trichrome coverage for 30 days in flower?


If your plants are healthy yes very good possibility


Do they grow more and more trichromes until the end of flower? @Majiktoker


They should if its a potent strain


I can understand your concerns , but until they turn an obnoxious yellow that looks out of place… don’t worry to much… :wink:
But I’m glad to see that your very observant…
I think your fine for now… how many weeks are you into flower thoe… ?
That will tell me a lil more about if you should worry or not… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Ahh max me to man, i see a lighter but and i freak out but even to the naked eye you can see they are covered in Crystal, so I’m not too worried. Saying that I finally got my x 60 x 100 scope for my phone! Can’t wait to take some pics later


Peach is high :wink: 3 comments up bro


mmmmmmm, and we like those!!lol