Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow



Weekly Update

So finishing up the 3rd week of flowering and not to much excitement. But thats a good thing. Not much stretching at all on both grows. only about six inches. I have my light very close at 8 inches all week and finally had to move it up a couple of inches. This light runs so cool that I can have my light that close and if I put my hand in between the light and the plant there is barely any heat. No light burn either.

So here are my girls. There getting big and fat. Thelma and Louise

Laverne and Shirley and Lucy and LIL Bertha

Not ready for the Bud of the Month just yet, but working on it

All are healthy and doing well, just doing my time till harvest. I do PH and PPM checks twice daily and switch out ice packs. I put my dehumidifier in there and keeping that around 50-55RH, Temps run 78-81 most of the time.

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Looking great


Looking great!

Did you have a plan you followed for the aeroponic systems, or just a general vision and wing it?


awesome stuff @MAXHeadRoom


In the beginning back in January of this year I was researching growing systems. I wanted to do some sort of hydroponics but just wasn’t sure what type of system would be a match for me. After watching many YouYube videos on hydroponics systems I felt that aeroponics was the best. From there I researched many different type of systems, ie low pressure, high pressure etc. Most of my design came from where they used a cooler for there reservoir and since You need to keep the water cold I thought that would be the best way to go. But they had a water tank and solenoid and I didn’t want to go that was because of cost. Most Youtube videos where using storage containers in there design and using the bottom of the container as there reservoir so I combined the two designs and can up with what I use today.


I will check it out, thanks!


Frosty the Snow man visited my house and blessed me with the start of my Trichrome development. I’m sure he will be stopping by more often in the next 5-6 weeks.

Mon Aug 14 12-26-38

Mon Aug 14 12-30-24

Mon Aug 14 12-31-52

Mon Aug 14 12-49-15

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we like ol’frosty @MAXHeadRoom


Awesome! Time to get that bud swell on!


Starting 4 weeks today and there starting to swell. Its hard to tell when you look at them 2-3 times a day. But when I post my weekly pics I look at last weeks and can see the difference


@MAXHeadRoom that’s awesome frosty is my friend lol


Its funny how at first they look like a green zit with a white head and then they look like the end of a nuclear bomb blast. And I hope they will blow my mind. :microscope: :camera_flash:


kaboom! You know it will! Looking good, max


Weekly Update 8-18

24 days into flower and things are going pretty good. Buds are getting bigger and trichrome development is progressing nicely.

Looks like I can’t split the stem on this one

Aero #2 with 4 toplants under China Lights. They are much smaller

Best Bud from that grow

Trichrome pictures

Fri Aug 18 09-55-13

Fri Aug 18 09-57-51

Fri Aug 18 09-56-45

Finished veg and clone/seed room which is next to bloom room

@Donaldj So the only problem I am having is the PPM keeps increasing about 100 points a day on aero system #1 You may notice nute burns on some of the leaves. It went all the way up to 1000. Then changed all the water and reduced to 700. After 2 days back up to 900. So I keep reducing the PPM, last night I went down to 500 and this morning it was back up to 600. PH is also increasing which is puzzling too. I thought of doing a one or two day flush. I really don’t know what to do so I need your advice on how to proceed from here. I just don’t want to do anything wrong this far into flower.

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Plants are looking good from what I can see (I can see what you are talking about on some of the tips, though) … The ppm & pH issues are perplexing, but I have ZERO experience in that realm short of my aeroponic cloning machine. I’ll let the heavy hitters weigh in on this one. I’m sure you’ll get some solid advice.


Donald J is really good with hydro systems, so if you ever need advise in that area tag him.


love the terps @MAXHeadRoom


I’m just loving watching the plant grow at this stage. Very exciting with a little anxiety thrown in. Just hurry up and wait


i know max…lol that is why i like having plants in different stages of growth…
makes it somewhat more exciting on the waiting end…lol
i took three monster crop clones the 16th that i have very high hopes for…northern lights xl
she is a clone of a clone,of a clone…lol i really like this pheno,short,stocky,and powerful good!! @MAXHeadRoom


@Donaldj PM checks PPM 720 up 120 from AM check. Added 1 gallon water with 5ml of nutes 0-10-10 and 1ml of ca/mag. PPM came down to 580 and PH is constant at 5.8