Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


@MAXHeadRoom 4 weeks tomorrow. I’ll take some pics tomorrow and upload ASAP.


Your halfway there. Must be getting exciting to see them buds fatten up. Mine have small pistils after one week, but I did a 36 hour dark soak and that helped a lot to start flowering. Didn’t you clone some plants? How did that turn out?


@MAXHeadRoom might be able had about an 18hour dark spell between the switch iirc. Will try longer next time.

Re cloning, I never did, I bottled it/ never got round to it. I have another two of the same strain that will be cloned. I think they are 4 or 5 weeks in (will have to check), I’ll defo be cloning them. Lots of them so I can have the pick of the stronger ones.

However mid week I was trimming the dead and yellowing leaves of the bottom, just cleaning up not lollipoping, and I accidentally whipped off a live bit. I dumped it in water, trimmed it up, and dipped in gel. Just to see what happens.

As it had not flowers or anything, I put it in my 16/8 nursery and now it has a flower on and seems to be taking. So I have a flowering clone under a veg light. Probably bin it after I’ve studied it. I’ll take a picture tomorrow.

Also have 5 more seeds about to pop. (green crack, I just liked the name) This will be my max and should give me a decent yield evey other month eventually. Just means I can keep them in veg untill I need them. That’s the plan anyway.

If cloning goes well, I should be set for a few years now. Hopefully.


Pistils after 1 week?

So I did a 36 hour dark soak on my plants prior to going into flower. This method was in one of Robert B guides.

So the results are in and after one week I am seeing pistils.

So with this method you should be able to shave one week off of the pre-flower time.
This method really works so I thought I would share with everyone so YOU can start using it.

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@MAXHeadRoom… yes, I read that after I went into flower, I’ll definitely do next time, just ordered some autos too. Gotta try everything!! Thanks for sharing, lookin good :blush: happy growing :seedling::leaves::herb:


I knew this trick but I tend to take advantage of my transition to train and add to plant mass it allows for recovery from my abuse before they start to flower and stiffen :wink: I have typically used full 48hr dark when in a rush and the extra week equals extra grams more fan leaves more nodes etc…


I had posted this technique earlier and there where a lot of people who hadn’t heard of it. So after I saw the results I thought I would share with everyone that it worked. Hey, one week earlier to harvest, that has to be good. :rofl:


2 ways to look at it 1 week less growing too :wink:


During the normal 2-3 week transition your plants put out the last big push for foliage growth. The plants I moved to flower 2 weeks ago have doubled in size and are just now starting to truly flower it is a handy trick if you are pressed for time or space but the more natural the transition the better your yield will be. Plants like people do well if given time to prepare and get ready for an event even the process of straight to 12/12 light schedule could effect overall yields and plant health outdoor grows usually do better than indoor if given the same attention


Well when you put it that way, I’m not as happy as I was before. :disappointed:


i have a nothern lights xl clone i may try that on thanks @MAXHeadRoom for the conformation on information…lol


My plants are 4 weeks into flower. Is it to late now to lollipop them. They are very bushy down below, not how I like my women :wink:

So should I trim them up a bit, or just leave it now?


I would trim it, but don’t remove the fan leaves. These leaves are still giving your plant sugars even if they are getting only a little light. Remove lower sugar leaves and very small buds that won’t grow to be anything. This also provides more air flow through the bottom of your plant and assist with temperature control. This will provide your top buds to get more sugars and produce bigger buds


Cheers, I’ll have a look tomorrow. It’s 02:40 now. Thanks.

A bit of light grooming can’t hurt :crossed_fingers:


Since you are already in flower go real easy on the trimming. You don’t want to stress out you plants to much in this stage :neutral_face:


Make sure your using a PK booster at this point too.


Weekly Update

Week 2 of flower and the plants are doing well. Had a scare this week when Thelma and Louise drank 1 gallon of water in less than six hours. So the reservoir went dry and so did the roots. The plants where all wilted and bent over. I had to hustle to make an adapter to fit on a bigger cooler. After much stress and fast work I got them into a larger system by lights out at 9. AS you see they made a full recovery. Now they are in a 3 gallon cooler so they won’t go dry again.

The other 4 plants under the Chinese lights are doing good, they stretched a little from blooming and there roots are also getting bigger after the transplant.

Both are getting a PK booster at this point. All plants are lollipop and hopefully its just PH and water till harvest . I don’t need anymore excitement.

Happy Growing
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Just layering them up like my pile of cds I lost the cases for ain’t ya maxy? GJ dude looking great.


I was wondering how a couple gallon res was gonna play out… you can’t really predict when they want to grow… :wink:

Glad you caught it in time… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I was really in shock when I saw it. Luckily I was already building the adapter to go on a bigger cooler or I would have been SOL. Just things you learn along the way. You just hope that the mistake isn’t fatal to your plants. I have banged up this Gold Leaf strain pretty good and they always pull through. So far

After one hour of rehydrating they looked normal again