Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


Ya… I don’t have a meter :x @ktreez420 recommend the light to me though so it might be pretty decent.


That’s the light I got


The spec on this light just doesn’t add up.
using this formula
Volts * Amps = Watts
Volts(?) * Amps(600ma or 0.6amps) = 200watts
Your Volts would be 333. Divide that by 2 because you have 2 COBs and you get 166.5 volts per COB. That’s just to much voltage for one COB

Cree COBs run at 36 volts but they do have a model that runs at 72 volts
So even if we take the higher voltage (72 volts)
Volts( 72) * 600ma(0.6amps) = 43.2 Watts
Times that by 2 because you have 2 COBs and you get 86.4 watts

Buy one of these to be sure

Lighting is one of the limiting factors in your grow and you need to know how much true light you are getting not just what they tell you.

Hope this helps


If I understood you right basically because of some math formula it’s impossible to pump out 200 watts. Looks like I’m going to be leaving the Mars 300 in the tent also lol


God LEDs keep getting more n more annoying… I might think about switch to hps lol


That’s a good idea leaving the other light in there. I wouldn’t jump off the LED bandwagon just yet. You just need to be aware of what you are buying. All of the Chinese lights are lying about there specs. I think Mars Hydro is telling the truth about there true wattage, but beside them I wouldn’t trust any of them. That’s why it is so important to get a watt meter so you know what you have.



Weekly update 7-28

Went into flower this week with a 36 hour dark soak. Seeing small pistils already. Not seeing to much stretching but I think that’s a good thing. It tells me I have good lights. At least on one grow

Thelma and Louise in aero system #1

This is what they looked like one week ago. I like to look back at where they were to compare growth since I look at them every day, I don’t realize how much they are growing



Aero grow #2

These plants are doing better since I took them out of dirt, but my limiting factor is my lights. Even at 400 true watts still not enough. But they are healthy.

Just keeping the PH and nutes right and watching them grow.

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All your girls look great, and those roots!:+1::clap::clap:


Thanks @Nug-bug The roots amazes me too. Its like a 4 lane highway of water and nutes going into the plant


better be careful,and nice to those gals…lol looks as if they could choke someone down with those roots! lol awesome!


Now I’m going to have nightmares about my plants chocking me. lol


those roots are crazy @MAXHeadRoom,watch your back !!


Attack of the Clones

On 7-21 I started some clones. I took 13 lower branches from Louise the monster plant in my original areo system. I took 13 because that’s all the rockwool I had at the time. Used Clone X rooting gel and cut stems at 45 degree angle. Cut fan leaves in half. PH rockwool to 5.5. Put in propagation dome with heating pad underneath. Used Chinese light, I guess there good for some things.

So after 10 days I am already seeing new growth on all the clones. Only one died so that was a 92% success rate. No roots coming out the bottom yet, but that’s OK because I haven’t built anything for them to go into.

Was a little worried because Robert B in his guide says not to clone feminized seeds because they might Hemie because of the stress. But @Majiktoker informed me that he has great success with his feminized clones, so I went for it.

12 happy little Louise babies basking in the morning sun.
I will veg these for 60 days while the others Bloom then move them to the main aero systems for blooming creating a perpetual grow. At least that is the plan.

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Them roots! Amazing and good job. Love your lollipoping too, mine could really do with it, but I’m refusing too on this grow.

Just checked on mine and they are looking very frosty indeed. They also wiff. :+1:


Frosting already? How long have you been in flower


You’re going to have to build more aero systems for all those! You only have 4 spaces atm right? Or are you going to grow some of them in soil? Amazon has these great little single bucket dwc set ups too. Maybe you could do 2 different types of hydro n see which one yields better and stuff like that.

That’s a 3.5 gallon one, but there’s 5 gallon one too


I currently have 6 spots all aeroponics. Not switching to DWC because it uses to much water and I will never grow in dirt after seeing the results of my aeroponics systems.

I am thinking of building 2 x2 modules. one module for each plant in a 5 gallon bucket with 4 misters in each bucket all draining to one or 2 main reservoirs. With that type of system I could squeeze 12 plants in my 6 x 9 space. But just working on a 6 plant perpetual grow for now


The clones look,great and healthy


Thanks, they didn’t wilt like I thought they would. Stayed perky and then yesterday saw all the new growth. Will these grow as good (big) as the mother?


Most certainly buddy