Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


Always busy is the problem lol. I have the auto in the big box 2 gold leaf in the tent n three blueberry autos outside a half mile- mile hike from my place. Not to mention 45-50 hr work weeks consistently lol.


I know the feeling I work all day every day 12 hour days and grow perpetual cycles


Soon I’ll be there. Gotta get this promotion and figure out if I’m getting transferred n another promotion before I get another tent. Once I have a box n 2 tents I be pumping out the buds


Interesting… you did this at the start of the 12 12 switch? Never heard of it, is it beneficial to do it throughout flowering in periods? All I’ve heard is 2 days of dark before harvest :S


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When you are ready to switch over to flower, you do the 36 hours of darkness at the beginning. This will convert Phytochrome Far Red to Phytochrome Red signaling your plants that it’s ready to flower. This process usually takes 2 weeks if you only switch to 12/12. With the 36 hour darkness soak you give your plants a head start and reduce the time it takes to signal your plants to flower. You only do this at the beginning. Since you have already induced flowering @McLovin777 you cannot do this and it is not beneficial to do it during the flowering cycle. I think the darkness at the end of the flowering stage is used to stress the plant, and therefore producing more trichromes @Majiktoker would know more about that.

To sum it all up, the basics are this: Phytochrome Far Red actively keeps your plants from flowering. Once there is a low enough amount of Phytochrome Far Red, your plant will start to flower. This decrease can only come from long periods of darkness without any interruption.

So after the 36 hour soak and one 12/12 cycle I am already seeing some very small pistils forming.
Sorry it’s blurry. It was taken from an Oboma phone. Maybe the new Trump phones will be better LOL

bloom 7-26


She looks good pretty green color


The 2 plants in the aeroponics system are very healthy and growing fast. I believe this is the best method for growing, I just need to automate it a little more to make it feasible for a 12 plant grow. The new light is helping with the growth too. I am also adding an Exhale bag for CO2 supplement. Should be here today. Will let you know if that helps


How much one of those cost?


$30 for the original bag. They have an XL bag too for bigger areas

Since I installed the new light I believe I am using up all the available CO2 that nature can provide. (300-400ppm). So once this happens your plants will just stop growing because there is no usable CO2 to promote photosynthesis. In a 9x6 room with 900 watts of lights going you will probably use up everything that is available. So this bag just hangs above your plants and provides CO2. you hang it above your plants because CO2 is heavier then air and it should drop the CO2 down to your plants. I will let you know how it works out.


Do you think a 2x2ft area with a 400w 200 real draw led would use up all the co2 available?


Do you have a fan blowing fresh CO2 on it?


I was going to get one but I forget who I was talking to about ventilation told me the 189 cfm exhaust was good enough and basically talked me out of getting a cheap lil fan to get air in. I’m thinking I’m going to put of of the like rectangle window fans in front of the passive air flap though. Who ever gave me the advice was right about the air in terms of environment control, that one exhaust at the top keeps the temps like A1. IDK if he was thinking co2 lvls though. You seem to be much more scientific in your reasoning so I’d love to hear your opinion


If you are exhausting air out, then this air is being replaced with fresh air that should provide you with enough CO2 for your area. If you do supplement then you need to turn the fans off, because you would just be sucking out your CO2, and also raise your temperature to above 80F for it to be effective. In you case I think you are OK with your current setup.


Alright cool thank you. I kinda figured as much. Kinda feel like you don’t need co2 until you have something like 4x4 or 8x8


Correct, larger areas with more plants and high intensity lights need more CO2 then nature can provide


The light I have should be enough right? 200 actual draw for a 4sqft area. I have a Mars hydro 300w I could rig up in the tent two, but then I’ll have like 340 actual watts on the 4sqft area which I feel like might be a bit too much


I would rig them both up together, 340w for 4x4 is perfect!



If you add the other light then you should consider CO2 supplement. More light more CO2 it is what the plants want. Give it a try. Is the light just laying around doing nothing???


It’s a 2x2 though :x that’s why I was thinking the 400w cob 200 real would be perfect. But is there really ever too much light?


There is only to much light if you run out of CO2. More lights equals more CO2 usage. Are these the advertised actual wattage or did you measure that with a meter yourself, because the manufactures are lying about actual wattage too, so unless you have actually measured it I wouldn’t trust it. It has been my experience that you can add as many Chinese lights as you have and still not have enough light.