Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow


@Majiktoker Great info Thanks

So my base nutes I have a NPK of 4.6-8-9. Should I supplement this with some more P in the beginning of flower and more K at the end. Robert B recommended 10-30-10 in his guide


More phosphorus is needed more towards the middle of the cycle more potassium near the end. A 10-25-25 ratio 5-15-15 ratio or something like this would be ideal gradually.

Any thing that is for example 0-15-35 would be a booster product


@Majiktoker Thanks for the info. I would hate to get this far and screw it up in the end by not giving them enough nutes in the right proportion


My pleasure buddy I understand


So I made the big jump into flowering last night, well actually it will be Tuesday morning at 9am. I am following one of Roberts guides and giving my plants a jump start with 36 hours of darkness. Here is the procedure word for word from Roberts guide.

Jumpstarting your flowering period
Although most people prefer to change their lighting schedule to begin the flowering process, it can actually be given a head start in another way. Take advantage of your completely dark grow room by actually keeping it completely and utterly dark for an entire 36 hours.
This will drop the Phytochrome Far Red amount significantly — more so than if you switched it to a 12/12 schedule from the beginning. The idea behind kick-starting the process in this way is to give a loud and clear signal to your plants that flowering season has begun.
Once the 36 hours are complete, begin with the 12/12 lighting cycle. The results of doing it this way can be significant. It is also important to remember the nutrients needed for this change in life cycle — your plants no longer need high nitrogen fertilizers, but rather need more phosphorus for the flowering period. Potassium can also help with faster bud growth.

Let the good times Roll

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@MAXHeadRoom Interesting! Can you give me a link to that information?


Its in this article in the Inducing the Flowering Stage section, subsection Jump Starting your flowering period


I hope it works. Its killing me not to be able to look at them for that long.


hahahaha I was just thinking exactly the same thing. First I heard of that one! @MAXHeadRoom


I had seen that method somewhere else and when I was reviewing the flowering guides I came across this method in our own guides so I thought I would try it. Cuz if its here its got to be true


I’m to the point where I have certainly forgotten more than I remembered… I think… @MAXHeadRoom

So I should say… as far as I remember! LOL


What where we talking about??? :grin:


Exactly! And to all a good night! Hahaha


I woke up this morning to a power outage. (8:00am) I don’t know why because there were no storms that I know of in my area. I don’t know how long the power went off for but it couldn’t have been more then 4 hours because I was up in the middle of the night to piss and had power at that time. By 8:30 lights where back on and my 36 hour dark soak was over at 9am anyway, so no permanent damage. So looking at the girls this morning there where bright spots where the flowers will be. I couldn’t believe how bright these spots where. After a few hours of light they kind of toned down but I did get a picture.

So the 36 hour soak did something.

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I cloned one of my bigger plants but then read in one of our guides that cloning from a feminized seed was not recommended and it could Hemie. What has been your experience


Minimal to no hermie if cloning my opinion clone feminized plants its a great way to keep that specific strain around with spending little money Ive always had good luck with cloning feminized plants


Great news. I cloned Louise the monster plant that I have and want to use all the clones for my next grow, 6 spots available. I cloned 13 and hope to get at least 6 out of that. If not I still have seeds left over. I plan to veg these until the harvest in 60 days, then move them to the bloom room. Is this the right timing for a perpetual grow?


wow they’re glowing for sure! Let me know when you spot pistils. Curious!


Yes a perpetual cycle is constantly rotating plants between cycles ie seedling stage, veg stage and flower stage and having a constant harvest


I wanna do that but I’m always like… Meh why use this box to veg when I can just grow an auto out of it every 75-80 days. I have a lil lil box I can use for seedlings at least :confused:


I love it always keep things fun your always busy lol