Aeroponics DIY budget unit


Just a few shots of my trunks and root mass off my DWC unit I culled as I said healthy just a strain which doesn’t go with my perpetual system
Moved mothers and set timer for Aero unit to start flowering will be few days before I am ready to move mothers back but I have a month in theory before I need to start second unit going


Ladies are all happy no pictures keep getting home late to check on aero unit


Raining this morning so may be able to get some pictures today before I leave for work? @Countryboyjvd1971 figure I should tag you in so you don’t have to try and catch up later :wink: judging by how this roof has gone sofar I suspect I may have to put in a Saturday this week to get it done which puts my mother space rebuild on hold for yet another week though my mother plants are loving being under lec


Happy mothers

And Aero unit doing it’s thing as ladies start flower


Hopefully I get home early enough to get some pics tomorrow trying to finish this roof so could be a long one I did some breaking yesterday they are already starting to turn back up I’m expecting to see some flowering start in next few days? I turned up fan to drop temps some I want to keep them in 60’s during dark cycle



Sorry photo was too large a file I am doing revamp to mother space hell or highwater today going into town in few hours to order my siding for shed in pain or not I am pretty sure beer and weed will keep me going to get it done this weekend I can sit and be sore or work and be sore one factor remains the same either way :wink: may as well get something done and out of my way


Was productive day I started revamp of mother space weather cleared up so I went into town and got siding which turned into getting about 80% of my shed sided before calling it a day :wink:


New expanded mother space


Sorry for the neglect and lack of updates and pictures I hurt my back and still had many chores to do around house and yard from siding my shed to fixing fence.
Today was a res change on aero unit which is always fun since results follow within a few days. I expect to need ph adjustment in the am typical of nutrients blending in res for first 24hrs

10 gal rain water
6 tsp Maxi Bloom
6 ml silicate
2 tsp monster bloom PK booster
20 ml Liquid Koolbloom
50 ml Cal-mag
ppm 1500
ph 5.8
I added silicate as stem stiffener
my res temps are well within range so pump runs 24/7


As you can see healthy and in flower :wink: next few days should be fun to watch as the hairs start to pop


Gave everyone a neem spray today put together fire pit temp so I can burn some copper drains clean at $2 lb I accumulate 100 lb or more from work every summer so worth the time to burn off old tar and bring in as salvage and ends up in landfill if I don’t save them for salvage :wink: