Aeroponics DIY budget unit


I started this thread after building a Aero unit for around $70 in an attempt to reduce amount of nutrients needed with DWC while staying in hydro where growth rates are greater. This thread is about 1 month into grow already but since I started with cuttings not clones or seeds it would only be 2 weeks into veg. I will be building a second unit slightly smaller than first so yes there will be some step by step info on how to but mainly I plan to demonstrate how cheaply and easily anyone can build and operate this type of system. Or any hydro system for that matter since many things discussed will pertain to hydro as a whole not simply Aeroponics


July 22 at this point I believe I had my ladies in unit 2 1/2 weeks? sorry I try not to leave too many photos on my phone lmao they were still on first res which was keyed to rooting being very low ppm Aussie tonic I took this picture before topping off with an actual feed of 2 tsp Maxi grow


August 3
At this point they were still on first res which with the top off was at ppm of 600 the plants are now fully rooted and showing good top growth so I changed from collars to net baskets since stem/trunk no longer needed direct water contact.
Pond pump is run constantly spraying roots and with 12gal nutrient solution has held temps around 69-70f with no need for cooling though I do have a timer to reduce time pump works if it proves to be heating res up too much in future :wink: I can adjust it’s time in 15min cycles.
Since nutrient solution is constantly moving and being sprayed at roots I see little need of an air pump.


Just did some homework on my old thread the ladies have been in unit 22 days it took them roughly 10 days to get roots they started as 6-8" cuttings
But even by DWC standards they are about as far along as my usual clones rooted in rapid rooters would be after 2 weeks in system the biggest difference I have noticed is root growth rate when I transfer rapid rooter clones to DWC they take time to adjust to ph light and ppm that same amount of time was spent in this case on my cuttings simply rooting :wink:
The other main factor in this experiment was nutrient costs since my DWC units have 22 Gal fill a res change is a lot of nutrients double what this system is currently using simple economics. Add into this that during the winter I need to heat res and pack water to my shed res changes are a pain which due to logistics and the time it takes water to warm enough not to shock wasn’t overly practical during winter


Changed res yesterday they perked right up since
50ml Cal-mag
50ml Propogator asks for 5ml/L I halved it since I have good root development already
6 tsp Maxi grow Full dose would be 1 tsp/Gal
ppm 750 ph 5.8
will add silicate next change


3 days since res change and growth is exploding I took this picture then topped plants all to same size have been hoping for weather to cool some finally have some rain on forecast for this weekend. If temps stayed the way they have I would have to start adding ice bottles but ladies seem to be thriving


@MAXHeadRoom my new thread just for my cheap Aeroponics unit


Another couple days in high 80’s likely going to add ice bottle tonight to res as well as prep my water for flower unit res change Friday should be my last early start this week today 10 to 5 and about to ht the road have a good day people :slight_smile:


Showing good growth and no shock from topping


If anyone has noticed the ruler on the top hasn’t moved in last few pictures but is quickly getting shadowed out by new growth


This was 6pm lastnight that is how thick the smoke from forest fires in my area was sunset wasn’t for another 2 hours this morning it’s just plain grey
since sun is behind clouds you’ll have to forgive the pictures the flash picked up the smoke and ash falling in the air


What a difference 3 days makes :wink:


@mulch at under a month from cutting 800ppm :wink:
The pictures below are 3 weeks in flower at 2000ppm in full flowerI didn’t count transition


Tested my rain water last night 110ppm 6.7ph but smells like liquid smoke? I may try it for res change I think the plants would love it


2 days ago

Tonight topped them shortly after picture

Due for Res change but have shown little sign of slowing down any


I am actually kinda concerned they will be too large for my flower space in another 4-5 weeks


Worked 11hr’s today feel like smashed arsehole so enjoying a baileys and going to fill the Jacuzzi


Well a sudden plan change this unit will be going into flower by end of the week the plants in my DWC unit are almost all from same strain I culled and waste of time and space as they are mostly Sativa dom and take a month longer than my other strains to finish :rage: So will be culling entire flower space and revamping the veg space will be empty giving me a place to put my mothers while I build larger mother space it does have a upside
I get to see how well aero unit works for flower earlier than I had expected


That was a chore 6 dead plants 2 res emptied keep up then moved empty Aero unit into space adjusted light height did res change confirmed fan light and mover were working right bagged up mess still have to get photos of the nice root mass I had on those ladies. Sucks killing healthy plants :frowning: but works better for my crop rotation getting rid of them
Res change
week 1 flower starting with 24 dark cycle to reduce stretch
6 tsp Maxi Bloom
20ml Liqiud Kool bloom
40ml cal mag
20ml silicate
10 Gal res
ppm 1010
ph 5.8
I expect this should be a good test of Aero unit no screen yet plants are 12-18" 4 in single unit
will be using light mover on 20" track and 315w LEC starting at 16" distance
res start temp was 62f
should be interesting already liking the smaller res changes :slight_smile: at less than half my DWC unit


Weather isn’t looking very good for work today so may get chance to continue with my revamp and clean up also may be able to flush rain barrel some more have been draining 10-15 gal every time it rains to thin down the smoky water from last major rain storm when it was carried all the ash and soot. Plants don’t seem to mind it in the least but I’m no big fan of the smell but my plants seem to hate my tap water and prefer the rainwater even when smoky