Aerogarden just got here and dropped some poison beans in it 😁


This little contraption is awesome!! Has anyone used one of these to germ ? If not oh well I’ll update as
Soon as they pop :seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling:


I used one not long ago. Worked pretty good I’d say. I ended up tossing the 2 because I had the 6 plants I can legally grow. Was more an experiment. Took about 3 days from seed (no soaking) to pop.

Keep in mind it’s hydroponic so if you’re a soil grower you might want to use lower PH than you would with soil. I also think I would use just water next time. I used the nutes that came with it for my experiment.

Good luck!


So put the dial on 0 the one that’s inside the tank lid right ?


Not sure what model you have. Mine doesn’t have any dials…


I set mine for Tomatoes and set a custom light schedule (24 hours to start then 18/6). That was it.


Oh you got the latest one I got the model before that. I have it set to tomatoes :tomato: too. Mine just has a manual switch inside tank reservoir lid I did set it to zero so the jets don’t spit out water. Thanks Matt


Mine pumped water onto the pods for a little while each day. I can’t remember how long. I want to say 15 mins 2x a day but that might be wrong


It’s 1 hour per day for the first 2 weeks then switches to always on after that.


How long did it take your beans to pop ?


Right about 2.5 - 3 days. No pre-soak.


:seedling:i thought about getting one of these,but went with super sprouter…:seedling::sunglasses:


I got mine for use other than pot seedlings. I just wanted to try it for that. Worked okay but I’m not sure I’ll use it to start a new crop.


All my beans popped already 100% germ … 28 hours later … :notebook: note aero garden popped all my beans :wink:strong text


I" set mine for Chronic !!!


I guess I have just been very lucky . All I do is drop my beans in a couple tablespoons of water make a tiny hole the size of a #2 pencil eraser pour it in without ever touching the seed put a few grains of soil on top and I also have 100 % germination from ilgm .