Aerogarden bounty elite

has anyone used a Aerogarden for a 1 plant grow? My setup consists of aerogarden and 1 600 watt platinum led light will this work? Havent started yet waiting on seeds.i am a first time grower.ty

Maybe @dumme could help you out?

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I’m familiar with the aerogarden. Generally speaking it’s too small, and too many water changes for my liking, but I’ve seen people do it. How can I help?

This is my first grow with it I bought the 45 watt hood And oder some auto flower Blueberry And white widow I would like anything you can Tell me that would help me to get it right thanks

I am a new grower and i am using an Aerogarden Bounty Elite. I currently have 3 plants growing. I started with just the regular LED light that came with the unit but have purchased a 4 bulb fluorescent fixture and timer to to replace/go with the LED unit. I added 2 air stones to add O2 to the water and fox farms nutes. I am growing from seeds that are over 12 years old. I figure that if i learn on old seeds and make my mistakes with that them, when i buy seeds i should have more experience and make less mistakes. And i have been making mistakes and learning from them. Thank you to all who came and posted all these years so that i can learn from other growers.

My girls are 5 weeks old and about 16 inches tall on 1 plant, 10 inches on the other 2.
So far i have had fun and learned a lot. If these survive my beginner farming skills and i prove to my self that i can grow, then i plan to order some good seeds and grow my 2nd batch. My suggestions, Yes it can be done. Be Patient. Check PH daily. sometimes more is less - Nutrients. Be patient. Read lots of forums and guides.


Quick correction - Sometimes LESS is More when it comes to Nutrients. Sorry for my bad typing above.

Looks good. I had three auto blueberry from Ilgm and they did great up until a certain point in the AeroGarden then they got root locked and I transplanted them in 5 gallon bucket’s now they are taking off and flowering. I would think you could do one easily in that bounty to finish

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately i have more forums to read. My pretty ladies ended up being all pretty men. So it is time to try again. I might have hit a dead end but this hobby has been fun and i have learned a lot.

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Lol on gender confusion.

My girl here is a northern lights auto
her little sister in the glass is a cheese auto

Once I proof of concept

I have 5 regular seeds to go with the beginner mix, juicy mix, medical kit, & high yield kit I bought here to be my seed stock.

If there was any way to trade pollen

I would have loved to add your boys

As it is I may have over bought,
compared to the grow window my husband has given me.

That system need’s a really good cleaning…
In hydro you really want to keep things clean and tidy…
Less likely to have root problems down the road… :wink:

Thanks, and I have tried. That’s deposits of nutrients from previous growing. I spent a month trying to scrub it off. Probably give it another go when this set of girls is done.

I love goodwill between its adorable size and the sticker any cross contamination will have to be on purpose.

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