Aerocloner vs old school method

Wanted to get some opinions on cloning. I’ve been using the old method of heat mat and humidity dome with tray. I figured this was the easiest method to start with and cheap but now I wonder… heat mat was like 25$ (with a temp controller as I’ve seen some reviews that say mat would go loco and over heat becoming a fire hazard without it) and a 15-20$ dome/tray (has an extension for taller clones)… some aero cloners I’ve seen are only in the 50-100$ range and seem to get better root growth with less margin of error… what are everyone’s thoughts/experiences on this? Thanks for any and all input :+1:

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The cloners just seem to take some of the work and risk out. I picked up this one on Amazon.

Works just fine. Notice no need to domes over the plants.


What’s your average time line for getting enough roots to feel comfortable to transplant? And do you use any rooting gels/powders?

Thanks for the input!


I use Clonex gel. Nothing additional to water. (I use spring water not RO).
Takes 8-13 days or so for the roots.