Aerobic oxygen, good for maryjane?

Does anyone have any experience using this type of thing with MJ?

It’s called aerobic or stabilized oxygen. I’ve found some reference to it being good for plants. I wonder if it would help provide o2 better than h202. I don’t know crap though.



Hi, I’m new around here too but I have to chuckle at the name, since the word “aerobic” means requiring oxygen. All I know at this point is that the roots need oxygen, which is why it’s good not to have your soil way too wet or compacted and use cloth type pots, and the leaves need CO2 for photosynthesis. Is this some kind of liquid that gets added to the water? Probably way cheaper to use hydrogen peroxide but again, I am new to this and just know some biochemistry and such, not too much about anything other than houseplants. Have a great day ! Sorry I couldn’t help.

Hydrogen peroxide kills good and bad bacteria

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From what I’ve read on the internet regarding its use in plants that aren’t MJ, it can be used in a diluted or undiluted (in water) form depending on particular use. I’ve never used it for anything so I dunno bout nuthin. I appreciate your input regardless of “help”.

With regards to h202, I thought I had read here in the forums that it isn’t to be used in any but dire circumstances due to that very fact of killing all bacterias. I may be wrong about the dire circumstances though. It may just be a no-go as you say.

I may give this stuff a try with my mutant plant who may not go anywhere anyways. I’ll do as much reading on it as I can first but eventually you just gotta defecate or adjourn.


@dontellanyone Good luck!! I would be interested in hearing how it comes out! My thoughts on this product was that it might just contain some H2O2, hence my comment that you might as well use the H2O2 instead :slight_smile: