Aero garden experiment still in progress 😁

Day 67, do you think I still have a couple of months to go. Hope so. Pistals are starting to turn brown but buds seem small. Thanks for your input. Auto,GH nutes,ph6,tds 825.


Not to worry you have several weeks to go. Those first dark pistils will get buried in the bud as it swells. While some turn brown, other new white ones are forming.

That is a big girl. What lights do you have?

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Amazing job in the aero garden :star_struck:
Makes me want to bust out a dwc tube :sweat_smile:
I think I just may do that actually

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I couldn’t afford expensive lights so I went with cfls and LEDs. Everything covered with mylar.


This is my aero garden experiment, almost to the end. Its been a pain adding water twice a day. Only good thing is I havent checked any parameters the whole grow.

Looks good. I have to change my water every 4 days now