Aerating Water?

I’ve just started my 3rd grow and have a question. I keep two 5 gallon buckets of water next to my tent for feeding and watering. I bought an air pump & stones to keep the water bubbling. Last grow I ran it 24/7 for the duration of the grow - always adjusting pH on what I pull out to feed/water. I got to wondering if I really need it on that long. I’ve got a spare timer that I can set as many on/off cycles as I want. Am I wasting electricity or is 24/7 aeration more desireable?

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Part 2 to the question… can I add CalMag to the water and not have worry about it bubbling out?

Is there a specific reason you’re keeping it aerating? It’s just water…? :thinking:

Part 2…I would think you could add the CalMag to the water whenever….I don’t know if aeration affects it or not

@Deez might know

Mainly I keep it aerating as I use tap water and I’d like to think that gets any chlorine out quicker than just letting it sit. Also, stagnant water is prone to bacteria and or mold buildup I would think. I have noticed (on my last grow) that the pH will change when you continually aerate and I’ve seen others say the same… but for some it goes up, others it goes down - why that is, I’m not exactly sure.

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I noticed in another forum someone said:

They put chlorine in tap water to kill any bacteria. The only problem is the chlorine doesn’t differentiate between good and bad bacteria. it will kill your beneficial microbes that break down food for your roots to take up. You want to aerate your water for 24 hours. I know it sounds like a pain in the ass but just mix up your water after each watering and let it sit till the next day. Your plants will do much better.


If you are just going with plain water 24 hours of bubbling should be enough to get out anything you can without using a filter. If you are mixing nutes you should do so and let sit and bubble for 24 hours as well. This usually results in the pH rising up to an ideal level and micro organisms getting a nice healthy head start (especially if you keep the mix warm)

Basically from what I understand about stagnant water and what you’re trying to prevent lines up….

The only way you wouldn’t need to aerate constantly (if this is a non sealed container you’re using) is some form of filter or chemical bleach agent to actually keep the water pure…

If you know the container AND the water are both sterile you can seal it and it SHOULD last you at least until your next water time….given you’re storing it properly (cool and dark)

I also would think aeration helps gas chlorine faster but don’t know for sure…it seems logical…

As far as the CalMag I don’t think it would be an issue adding it to your sterile water but like you’re saying it could change the ph (and prolly will)….sounds like you know what you’re doing anyhow :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

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