Advisement on drying techniques

Hey guys. Heres my drying setup. I wash off the grim Peroxide, lemons, and baking soda. And then place them on the metal mesh screen screen it’s like a stranger from the kitchen… I got a nice dehumidifier and a phand if only able to get the humidity to stay it to stay around 60 and the temperature at 70. I have not mastered keeping it blacked out. Give me some tips I have a nice to humidifier And I’m able to get the climate ideal. Look at these pictures and help please. Thank you very much

I made up something like this

I have a carbon filter in the box connected to a inline fan i poked a few holes in the box for air to come into the box and u will see i have a humidity meter in the side of the box it shows temp and humidity my humidity is 60% and temps are 18-20 degrees Celsius

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DRy in the tent. 7-14 days at 65% rh.

nice idea and use of what you have…

your meme is whacky enough now I see all this metal and I am really scared…but nice hanging setup :cowboy_hat_face:

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