Advise welcome 2nd grow hydro

So I’ll start from where I’m at - wondering what I’m doing too right at this point… Note leaves in this pic. tagging @mrcrabs @PurpNGold74 and crew, tagging isn’t auto completing doh memory lag…

I’ve been using hydroguard, Cal mag, silica and some flower power recently but not enough I’d think to cause trouble.

Temps under 80 mostly mid 70’s this plant is drinking over half a gallon of water per day. Been noticing pH drops from 6.01 to being low like 5.40 my tap water runs about 7.4 so when I add water I don’t need to pH down like I did previously. But since this wild thirst it’s been dropping pH so adding unadjusted tap brings it back into 5.8 to 6.2 range trending upwards…
Anyone else experience this pH drift trend?


Ten weeks since popping out of rockwool in 5 gallon bucket.


This is from a mix pack of Buddha autos.
Just as I was beginning to flower, I upgraded lighting to a (and I thought first lights were bright) Mars Hydro TS2000W lamp. It actually runs cooler than previous lights too.
I’ve noticed the leaves really reach for this lighting, foliage angling sharpy upward.

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Stronger light = heavier nutrient uptake.

Looks to be a slight calmag deficiency (the yellow box inside leaf veins that turns golden then brown before crisping)

And the taco’n leaves are either too much light intensity or heat issues. Id wager light intensity since u say they are actually cooler then the before.

And finally what size pots? And how old from seed? Plants that are rootbound tend to have falling ph levels. Its due all the roots and not much dirt.

Hey guy thanks for popping in - I’ve given Cal mag every watering this is hydro using 5 gallon buckets.

Full strength? And like i said. The more intense the lights, the more intensely they eat. When i put the DIY build up, i got a calmag deficiency almost overnight. Its crazy how much a difference good lights make.

And how high are ur lights?

About a foot above this guy. I’ve used 1.5x the Cal mag in previous feedings so these leaves look like Cal mag deficiency?

Not those. Is it only on top leaves? Possibly light burn. Looks more like nute burn there.

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This one lookd like mag deficiency


I’m giving them 1-1.5ml per half gallon or two liters

And a ft from plants to lights doesnt sound right

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I’ve rigged it up higher by changing the way the hanger attaches…

Full look


Upper tent


@dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @Drinkslinger

Does this look like light burn to yall? Or nute burn?

@neofirebird What nutes u run ing?

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That’s in the middle how much Cal mag should I use I’m ready to throw it in LOL