Advise on the brown leaves


I am growing in 7gal pot with the fox farm ocean forest. 18/6 light cycle. I have been ph y water to 6.1 or so.


Ph for soil should be between 6.3-6.8 with 6.5 typically being the sweet spot. Try bringing up the ph and see how she responds. Old leaves won’t heal but watch new growth for improvement


The plant looks pretty good and I lean toward you having an issue some time ago that is showing up now. It could also be splashed nutes. Your plant looks pretty healthy.


Yeah she does look good overall. Just keep an eye out. :v:


It is not everywhere a solution has been found


You are fine. Just try to raise ph up a bit to 6.5. Your new growth looks healthy


I would get that ph up to 6.5


Also what is the ph and ppm of your runoff ?
That would tell us alot more… also how long has the plant been in that 7 gallon pot and how old is the plant altogether?

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