Advise on new seedlings

2 new WWA from ILGM. Girls are 2 weeks old. 3rd grow…first time germinating and going straight to 3 gal cloth pots. Im guessing there is alot going on below the surface. Not alot up top or are they on pace?

![20200116_154105|375x500](upload://dinTJ9BSjgrw1DxY9zaprfY0. XeA.jpeg) They are in a 3 x 3 tent…ff soil. Not much watering in the two weeks. But when they get some its at 6.0 to 6.3 ph. Light is a varaspecter 1200 i think its under power but for now its what i have. Theyre on a 16 and 8 sched. I have had moderate success with the first two grows. Id like to get the yeild up a bit.

Two weeks since you dropped seed?

Yes…two weeks since sprout.

I don’t have much if any experience with autos but I would suggest running in a small solo cup to establish roots before switching to final pots. The one I tried flowered way too early for this exact reason. I hope you don’t have the same outcome (I did use 5g pots vs 3) good luck!!

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It’s working on it’s first set of fan leaves. Hard to expect a whole lot more. Plants will grow at their own pace, and these certainly look healthy. They may explode with growth and surprise you. Here is the progression of one of my recent grows.

Day 5

Day 8

Day 11

Day 14

Day 18


First thing I see wrong is you are giving to much water. Those seedlings don’t need much. We are talking like 5 ml at first.

Second thing is this…what lights are you using? Out of all my plants that took forever to grow was my GSC Beast and she was after the first month above soil as small as what you have now. I was going to toss her but said I can do this and I did. She was a beast.

Which makes me think you don’t have enough light. Because at two weeks they should be way bigger than that. My plants on the 4th week had flowers form.

A support ticket would be a plus so the crew can assess what you have and this will help identify any problems you have right now.

Edited: I see the Viparspectra 1200 light. I was a big fan of their lights till I switched to HLG’s. My Viparspectra PAR600 definitely wasn’t enough light. No question. I added a second one and it still wasn’t enough.

Now brings me to this point. How far above is the light from the plants?

I think your auto seedlings look good they always test my patience when they’re that small. Keep it under the light go easy on the water . When they are that small I try not to look at them every day that way I can see the progress. And I won’t be tempted to water. Good luck

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They look healthy and ain’t very leggy so that’s good. And you always want to plant straight into their forever home. Transplanting from a solo cup shocks it too much Because you only have a certain amount of time with autos they can’t recover fast enough like photos can. I just tested this very topic, I planted 5 auto’s 4 in 5gal cloth pots and 1 in a solo cup, the 1 in the solo cup started off the strongest, but when I put it in the 5gal it stopped progressing compared to the others. The less stress they get the better they do. With that being said we all know auto’s can just do what they want when they want however they want and that’s just the way it is. Good genetics always helps like mentioned above just keep doing what your doing. Good luck!

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More than likely they’ve stalled a bit to make roots. They’ll take off after they get established. @Phoneman


Thanks all…the light is currently about a foot above the plants. @MrPeat.

That is a little close. 18” to 24” is better from what other growers have said since I’ve been on the forum. To far not enough light penetration and to close can cause problems like burning the tips of leaves. I did do 18” off this grow till the plants got insane and I then put the HLG lights to the top.

On of my pet peeves is when growers use a certain size pot and then fill it about half way. You’ve essentially made your 3 gallon pots 1.5 gallon pots. Next time fill those babies with soil right to the top your going to get some settling plus it will give your root system a lot more room.

They look good and will start growing up top soon enough.

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Never thought of it that way. Makes more sense to fill em up. Next grow will do.

Just a suggestion in future grows @Phoneman. Use a spray bottle and mist when those girls are in the first couple of weeks after emerging. They don’t need much water, and in week 1 I use domes to keep the moisture in and only water when the surface is dry. Give each plant about 10-20 full trigger pulls max right at the base (i don’t suggest misting the leaves) of the seedling. By week 2 I am usually giving each about 40-50 trigger pulls per plant. By week 3 and 4 I stop misting all together and use a watering can.