Advise on LED needed

Question from a fellow grower:

I am still having difficulty maintaining a proper temperature in my grow tent. I am now convinced that my 400 watt light will always keep the temperature above ideal. So the only solution appears to be the LED lights which I am told will run a lot cooler in addition to having better results or outcome of your harvest. I

@dbrn32 , recently been schooled on led’s ,this man can advise.


The first question will be budget. What can you spend on a new light? We can hook you up with the most awesome gear, but it’s easy to shop with other people’s money.

Also, the size of the space & the number of plants you plan on (or have).


See if you can get op to join the group. Lots of great members here to help through whatever issue is going on.

There maybe an air movement issue that could potentially be fixed quite inexpensive. If not, I’d be happy to help him/her find some alternatives.

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LED lights do run cooler, but most of the lights on Amazon and Alibaba just don’t have a thick enough heat sink and the lights fans blow out 110° air which causes the air at the top to be around 90°. I was fighting heat issues with 3 of the 600w Amazon lights in my 4x5 space. Also the yields were not so good and the buds were airy from too much heat. I finally gave up and built my own LED lights and now the heat issues are under control and my yields are much better.
Join us and we will help you out.

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My buds are more dense, and my yields better since I started diy’ing my lights.
I can’t give @dbrn32 enough credit.


I’m actually having the opposite problem with my 1000w led from Amazon. The temps were staying to cold I had to add a thermostat controlled heater to keep it around 78

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A good problem to have. Most 1000w lights from Amazon or Alibaba are only 185-250 watt lights. 250 watts is not much heat to deal with. Especially if you’re pulling in cool air.

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And I’m in the basement so that keeps the room temp around 70.

Depends on what strain you’re growing. The Afghan or Kush type plants love it. Just makes the other strains grow a little smaller. I love winter for growing. I don’t like $400 electric bills. Winter they’re around $150.

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Nice man! Just hope mine turns out that nice. You should check my journal out. Maybe a tip or two

I used Mars led 740W draw power in tent 4x4, no any heat problem