Advise needed on non paranoid causing strain

Want to know if there are a couple strains that would be good sativa or hybrids that don’t cause paranoia.
Have a low tolorance when smoking weed and have only tried a couple strains since starting back after not smoking in 30 years. Wihite widow I didn’t like it and tried a vape and it just was to much for me. I smoked a small bowl of Clementine and it was just about right not any paranoia and still clear headed.
Any other strains that anyone would recomend?

Happy bday! I like blue dream for mellow


Blue Dream is a great Sativa Dominant Hybrid. Not too racy.

Probably any strain with a lower THC content and a higher CBD content would work for you, as the CBD helps take the edge off the THC.


Try smoking the same strain but vape it then try smoking it in the bowl (the next day) and see if there is a difference. I heard of lots of people getting paranoid when using the vape. I believe it because the weed isn’t completely burned and it leaves some cbd and cbn behind which helps calm the negative effects of the thc.


I remember when I was 13 I got paranoid smoking dope. It stopped when I was about 15 and developed a tolerance. It doesn’t matter what I smoke now, sativa, indica, hybrid, I dont get paranoid.

They tangerine dream as well. Thc about 14%. still hits like a ton of bricks but in a mellow active sort of way.

They make specially mellow sativa cart low dose if u have a medical card