Advise me on this:

Question from a fellow grower:

My real challenge is keeping colas beneath the lights. 2×8 gorilla grow
tent, soil, 400 watts of LED. Fem twice before 12/12, White Widow Fem. 4
per tent in 3 gal pots. I need some idea on a system that could be used

Well being that they are fem and you chose not to SCROG or LST I would flip into flower sooner to avoid the height issue in the future or go with 3 plants 5 gal and train them hard early if you are still in stretch you can super crop massage stem of highest tops between fingers mildy crushing it to get it to flop down it will recover in a few days and right itself.

what Donaldj said does work well -how about just bend and stake/tie use any means you want wow - 3 plant in one 5 gallon - might have better result with just one plant per 5 gallon - then again marijuana will grow any were and any way!!

sorry steve was typing fast thanks for the correction I meant 3 5 gal pots lol