Advise, 1st plants

Strain; White Widow
Soil in pots, Yes, Pennington pot soil
System type? NA
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 65
What is strength of nutrient mix? Bag says 10%
Indoor system? INDR
Temps; Day 75 to 80, Night 70 to 75
Humidity; about 60 all time
Ventilation system; circulating fan
Co2; NA
Trying three plants
CFL lights 6 42 watts (150W)

large leaves turning and cupping down. plants 18" new growth and plant is strong.

I’m starting to grow again so I’ll give what I can. To me it looks like too much water. How often do you water?

How old is it? I think you may have the lights too far from the plant. With CFLs you need to get within a couple inches.

When dry to about 1" deep from top and great draining

7 weeks and lights are May 2 inches at most. Thanks for writing

I am seeing a bit of nute burn on the top leaves. Looks pretty good otherwise.

Ok, I picked the many leaves from my plants but left one to show. It seems to only larger leaves. This happens to mature leave. What might I do. No sign of flowering. I have changed lighting from 18 hrs to 12. I have 3 plants in a tent.

Can you post a pic of the tent and plants? It may be worth investing $80 in a Mars 300 LED. That sounds like it would be the right size for you. Good light pays you back big time.